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Dora nio vs belt of winds.

By ZweiFates February 07, 2016, 18:41:19
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it took me 10 days to drop enough fragments for unlinked BoTW

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Crimson-Cowboy|2016-02-09 04:55:54
challengeacepted|2016-02-09 03:00:08
Crimson-Cowboy|2016-02-09 02:58:00
how does that work? doesnt the effect disappear if you use a weapon once so how does that guy hit for 10k+ 3 times in a row?

The effect of the weapon boost activates on whichever turn you use a Weapon Attack (You can even wait till you can cast Domain of Weapons again, it's funny) and will persist for the whole turn, meaning all weapon attacks on that turn will get the x2 benefit.
why is it better on foggernaut though?
does it use his stasis damage or something?

Because Bygone Hand is a naturally ranged damage-dealing Relic, which has insane stats for an onehander, and although it's only a Duo-elemental Weapon, it's really useful for Foggernaut, since they only use a single element as Ranged DD (Stasis gets it's damage from your highest element, -Fire-). Foggernauts also focus a lot on Distance Damage on their equipment, boosting further the Bygone Hand's Top End damage.
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