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tokens blueprints linked for real ?

By Caliiintz - MEMBER - January 09, 2016, 21:26:31

Hi there,

I was wondering...
Are the blueprints from tokens machine really linked or not ???

Because I need 3 blueprints from the kanni dun, and it would be 240 runs with booster or 480 without booster... which is just impossible....

If they are not really linked, at least you could run with alts and get the blueprint with their tokens to trade with your crafter after...

With the kamas option (insane / impossible amount for Phaeris....) it doesn't say "linked"....

I'll add that if the token option is really linked, that would penalize small economies like on Phaeris which could only get linked blueprints... while rich people on other servers could get the unlinked ones with the kamas option... That really unfair and disrespectful of the smaller communities such as Phaeris.
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I don't understand how this is disrespectful? o.O Aren't all token bought items linked?

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deadcafe|2016-01-09 21:58:15
I don't understand how this is disrespectful? o.O Aren't all token bought items linked?
On other servers the economy is better, they can get the unlinked blueprints with kamas.

By saying disrespectful, I'm comparing the economy of small servers to rich servers (rich server's players have choice, the others don't). It's just unfair. If they can't index costs, they should find a different system.
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I wrote to Dy7 about it, he replied that they gonna do some changes about it in a future update. They'll either reduce the tokens cost OR find another solution to be fair with everyone (aka every servers). Don't expect that in the coming weeks tho.

Also. About the disparity of the economy between the different servers, he hopes to reduce it by doing some improvements to the system. No date yet.


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