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How to decide which fragments to collect

By treevamp1#8526 - MEMBER - December 15, 2015, 00:42:04
So, with heroes, I only had to run Ambassador's Wing about 17 times to collect enough fragments for one Solomonk. It's pretty nice gear for my sadida (range and distance damage) and would also work for my sram (backstab bonus). My toons are currently around level 130.

I don't think I'll continue collecting frags for a second solomonk, since I've started running Castuc for better xp and for Harry Boot frags. However, these tokens only buy one frag per toon, so making one pair would take at least 34 runs! Considering how I'm levelling up and how one can only wear one relic and one epic, I'm wondering how much longer any of my toons would wear Solomonk and Harry Boots. I've also got the Limited Edition cape and a Welder's Mask linked to the account.

Without devolving TOO much into a criticism of the grindy nature of the game, what advice do people have about fragments? Which ones to bother with? How do heroes and/or boosters affect your decisions?

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You may consider getting Harry for your sram as it would be pretty decent for you for quite a while, if you run Castuc HC you should farm the Harry fast enough. You can use Harry on your Sram until like 170 effectively, but the Solomonk may end up being obsolete quite soon (at 150 maybe, or even sooner)
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treevamp1|2015-12-15 00:42:04
I only had to run Ambassador's Wing about 17 times to collect enough fragments for one Solomonk.

The fact i did 3 times as much and with the elbor wipe i lost my non locked solomonk hurts me, hard.
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Thanks for the advice, Blaza~. I had a hunch that Solomonk would be replaced soon, but I'm glad the HB would be good for a long time.

Celio, that sounds terrible!

As for drop rates, it seems like unlinked HB frags drop a lot more than Solomonk frags, so I guess that somewhat makes up for the high cost of linked HB's.
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Soulomonk for Sadida could work for a longer time though, as it kinda gives nice damage for you, and the range.
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solomonk can last long (im still using solomonk at 165) if fully runed and it easy compared to other relic/epic
you can get bunch of equip easily from ambas compared to other 120+ dungeon
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