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"Which Wakfu class suits you?" - A quiz for deciding your class!

By ppmonsters August 20, 2015, 07:19:06
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Score : 5

Pretty accurate! Who needs damage when you can just out survive your enemy? :3

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Score : 222

100% Sram.

quiz is legit.

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Score : 1

73% Masquerade
Cool i like my results

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Score : -323

86% elio, 80 % mask.

(Is a mask main and hates elio)

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Score : 5367

Got 93% Osamoda and only 80% Xelor
(Am a Xelor main and hate summoner Osa)

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Score : 1

Guess i will go ranged them.

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Score : 1

67% Sacrier and Pandawa.....I was not expecting that.

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Score : 5367

I think this survey is broken.. I literally didn't answer anything with summons and it gave me 93% Osamoda and only 80% Xelor, my actual main class..

PS: I actually dislike summon Osas so..

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Score : 7692

Sure it is broken, since 2015, even some classes don't have the same elements. Some classes work pretty different too. And many questions don't offer the variety needed to get good results. Like half of the time when you can choose support, it is only saying healing as support. Tanking is rarely included too. Moreover many questions directly try to get you in direction of Osa.

Besides that, I think Osa can actually do pretty much everything so the creator probably just gave for most of the answers points for Osa. Osa just get a really high rate for everything in direction of support, damage and summon related answers.

Still if you actually try to get specific classes (for example when I tried to answer 100% for a tank panda), it got a 80% for it, but there were many classes that shouldn't have gotten such huge % too.

All in all, this is ok for some fun, but never take it serious for choosing a class because it is outdated and the creator build in some bias in it.

(Still thanks to the creator.)

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Score : 3019

you have to login? for what, to get quiz answers
heres me yo
Ecaflip 110%, Enutrof 80%, Enirispa 70%, sadida, xelor, ouginak, iop and osamoda 50%

who needs the others =p

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Score : 102

Got like 5~6 classes(Osa,Sac,Xel and a bunch of others) above my favorite, which is the eniripsa

is the quiz wrong or am I just a confused soul..

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Score : 773

same here, i'm thinking about try xelor again after that

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Score : 1

73% Feca cant say im surprised, but a good quiz non the less.

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Score : 773

well i got 87% in classes there i know i dislike, how so?

Osa, xelor and foggernaut...
and 81% cra 80% panda and rogue.

i think quizz miss huppermage, my favorite race and i really liked try panda using fire to damage, but man, i cant try do my diff builds because i have any1 for play with me at party constantly.

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Score : -11

Oug got left out

0 -1