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What's next ?

By Beezle July 10, 2015, 11:00:16


The 100 + revamp happened. I think its safe to say 60(?) maybe 70 % of the community is happy with the change while the 30 - 40 % aren't. I, for once, have nothing to hate on. Why? because all spells basically have the same AP to dmg ratio. There's no way to compare one spell to another spell seein how they all do the same base dmg. Now combat is truely based on Selected spells, and skill. Basically if you ddnt make the right choice for x situation, you are to blame for being in that situation. The devs gave all classes the tools they need to fight/counter/overpower any other class. As i said before its all a choice.

What does this revamp mean?
One class with multiple rolls. Multiple rolls require various gear combos ( cc gear, range, res/tanky gear). Runing is definitely going to become harder. Seeing how clever players will have gear sets for each roll they believe matter the most in their team.

The issues:
1. Runing will be harder, however we wont feel it till later, when we really take advantage of the multi deck system.
2. Gear: Not enought gear variety when secondary dmgs are involved. For example lack of close combat AoE gear

In depth reasoning of gear.

This deserves its own paragraph. I've always had this issue with gear end game gear always makes one class roll stonger than the other. Right now, and please correct me if im wrong, but he strongest gear rn is Long range AoE. I got zero complaints about that, because AoE spells are now 20 % weaker than single target spells. In a 1vs 1 fight a single target dmg class has a 20 % dmg advantage on an AoE class.
What do i mean by an AoE class? Look at panda where maybe 10/15 spells are aoe, or foggers, or even fecas.
To bridge that 20 % gap its only normal that the strongest gear be composed of + AoE gear. I believe they realized juicing gear with AoE alone would be unfair so they split it with long range.

Here's where the issue lies. There is not enough variety with gear. Very little , close combat, AoE gear. There's more single target gear than close combat, AoE, range.

Basically, You can be a single target character in basic gear and still do good dmg, while if you're AoE you'll first need to get end game all legendary gear before you can even catch up to single target dmg. This bring me to the next part resist on those gears are extremely unbalance, imo. Thats due to the lack of variety in gear. Close combat gear has more res, long range has less res. This makes sense. The closer you are the more dmg you will take, the farther you are the less; but because AoE is mostly lumped with long range, and because of that AoE suffers from the same lack of res.


Do you think we need more gear selection ?

off topic: as always i gotta share a panda tweak :p

: if a dev reads this i think flaming burp needs to have a cross AoE !!!

also too lazy to re read yawn kind late.

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I agree with this need for more gear. or at the very least the ability to select secondary damage and lock /vs dodge/inti on gear

i play a masq currently and want mainly close combat or ae gear for my fire spec, unfortunatly the latest set to have that and maintain dodge over lock is still enurado gear which i've been running around in for.... since enurado came out...

but i still feel like i cant complain i can cast anything i want without changing masqs!

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Ankama only adds gears that give dodge/init with Single target/Range damage now because its what most builds spec into. The xelor past gears are just a mess of stats

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Kind of harping on what i said earlier without the nonsense, Would it be favorable if ankama had an ingame shop item similiar to smithmagic hammers they could sell for 800 ogrines to convert lock>dodge dodge>lock and traverse a secondary damage into something specific or better yet something generic valued at .2 a specific IE 100 backstab damage armor gets converted into 20 generic damage.

I mean making generic descisions like dodge gear giving ST or distance damage makes sense in a game with 4 classes, But wakfu has what 15 classes now and generic simply does not work in that sense.

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