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Sincerely Dear Wakfu

By Stained - MEMBER - June 01, 2015, 18:48:34

Dear Wakfu Staff / Moderator

I wouldn't have written this but seem like i need to do it for my own good. I have been playing wakfu since the first beta and on and off for a lot of time.Being encounter to wakfu information late back to 2007-2008. Such as myself who play dofus for some time. Wakfu was the most big leap jump i found back then. The animation,art,feel,cuteness and more and so on. It was magnificent project. First playing in the closed beta and walking around was totally awesome and there was majority bugs/lags/graphic error/system error and it was like the beginning of all the game. Mistake make perfect, all the staff was frequently on and update on what happening today. Anyone from closed beta would remember those evil kralove being the highest monster and all those different spell from back then and now. But it was fun and still with all the update now it became such a whole different world. So many monster and map have been developed for more to enjoy.

Wakfu have gone from that baby project to becoming one of great game. I have introduced this game to my friend countless time who play online game that even more history,funding,graphic detail and others. But one thing in common from all those friend reply is the "originality". I mean i love wakfu to be honest and it become part of someone life when you play it over 10 years.

Anyway it just that now when all these events occurring, and yes we know every game their bound to be problem who try to cheat or find an easy way out. It bound by our human nature who wouldn't want an easy way out. That being said it also game staff/developer/security job trying to prevent that from happening. We know your job isn't easy and to be honest us player got to clap our hand to you for sticking with our outrage / angry / frustration etc. and once again thank you for doing what you can to help.

But still most of the time we wouldn't want these to happen either. It just quite disturbing to me after i got back from a long break to find out it happen. Still i confused is why not stop the sever as it is now. I dont know anything about gaming system, but to be honest i would mind not being to play for few days until thing is actually being fixed.

I know you guy seem to fixed everything and we waiting for the announcement. but it just frustrating us even more due to it seem that sever isn't actually change? must i say or the bugged item still roaming around.

To sum up all above... if your too lazy to read, kindly regard due to my frustation wanting to find answer. (who doesn't)

A: Is it safe to continue being able to play now and don't regret when you announcement that the rollback is going to happen.( the world "rollback" isn't something or anyone would want to hear but when it necessary it necessary. )

B: Can we atleast have moderator frequently visit us in the sever? you told use to help you but sometime. It hard to communicate with you without directly show you what happening in real time. I mean like gold seller, you want use to screenshot and such but it also inconvenient to us. To jump off game log on forum and then making a message thread to support. by the time you receive ( from countless message ) the harm already been done.

C: What actually have been done or will be done to prevent this kind of event from happening again.

D: If we purchase something from shop with actual real life currency what happen if you actually roll back.

Anyway thank you if you reading it or not but I still love the game itself and wanting to see improvment and it continues updates and see how this game would look like after 20 years if it still operating.

I Sincerely Thank you all the moderator and wakfu staff for trying to help again, we are human too we do get frustrated same as you with this situation. so it would be nice to have more frequently being inform of how things are and what happening.

From Wakfu Game Lover.
Thank you

p.s there probably countless english mistake in there, it not my native language but don't mind it. also this is my opinion. Each and everyone will alway have different opinion for themself so thank you and hope you understand my feeling.

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Good questions smile I also wonder about D haha...

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Welcome Back smile

I hope we get some answers . I wonder about A I don't feel like playing much until we find out. I did play at the weekend and was fun to level my Eni but this could still be undone. Saying that I would rather loss my progress then stay with the results of this problem.

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No one knows exactly about nothing. Sadly, despite the efforts of our CMs, especially Sabi, it seems that Ankama's big bosses have some kind of allergy to keeping customers well informed. It's just the way they like to work, I guess: dark and full of terrors.

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Very nice questions indeed, ty for bringing them up, Cake.

Dear Ankama! At first i thought that with current events game will lose only some part of endgame community, but after i talked to players with midlevel characters I found out I was wrong. "Game is empty, my friend that shown Wakfu to me quitting, impossible to find group, I think I will quit too", - they saying such stuff.

Please, give to us information, please ensure us you are actually care about players. Duped gear and possibily of rollback were bad, but feeling insecure about gaming is even worse.

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I agree with Eettt.

Seriously, a lot of my friends are going to quit if this you-know-what issue isn't resolved and those you-know-what-ed relics/gears are still around the server. In fact, they are already on the verge of quitting even before this disaster occurred.

I expect that I'd quit too if my friends quit, to be honest. It's natural. And I hope Ankama realizes this. Not everyone stays solely for the game.

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calm down they have posted numerous times now what they have done and are currently doing to solve this ongoing issue, I wouldn't worry about a rollback, a decision like that needs to be quick or it won't happen.

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Xiamora|2015-06-02 16:08:19
calm down they have posted numerous times now what they have done and are currently doing to solve this ongoing issue, I wouldn't worry about a rollback, a decision like that needs to be quick or it won't happen.
But if have possibility of rollback, better stop the server. Cuz many ppl may wasting time lvling, farming etc...
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