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Rid the Bots please

By Gnats#9414 - MEMBER - March 07, 2015, 19:08:03

I wish there were an effective way of combating bots. They really break the community especially since those that just started Wakfu might get scammed.
For example, Reminno has been at the temple repeatedly.

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You'll have to explain your example a little better.

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There is a website that "sells kamas" and they use a bot. to advertise in the chat. They create this level 1 player and keeps repeating the same things over and over in temple. Plus, the possibility that it is a scam is almost 100%. Furthermore, I think it can get you banned from Wakfu.

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1. No, it is not a scam. It's a business that relies on returning customers.

2. Yes, it will get you banned.

3. If you took 5 seconds to read the titles of the other threads in this forum you would see that there is already a thread about the kama selling spammers. So you really did not need to make this one.

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