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[GUIDE] How to get Ogrines without spending real money.

By Schon-Mira - MEMBER - February 24, 2015, 22:29:12
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13Stars|2015-02-24 22:36:56
Nice guide for the people that didn’t know!

But I have a pretty good feeling that this post will lead to Ankama blocking this method since you can in theory gains million of Kamas buy selling products and having relics within a week (Market bought) which **IMO** defeats the WHOLE purpose of the game, even if you played Ankamas other games.

Never the less, it’s a witty method.
I actually think that using this method would be slower than 6 box farming end game content. The setup to 6box end game content, though is pretty harsh, but I've seen most people who fully devote to it pull it off in about 2-3 months.
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Time and effort wasted doing it < just give ankama some bucks

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JerryDB|2015-02-25 01:36:21
Q: Will Wakfu get a kamas exchange?
A: No

Q: Ever?
A: Never

Source: Azael Lead Game Designer Feb 2012

But then again who knows.
Yeah, and same they were talking about eliotropes and f2p for servers. Let's just not hurry ahead, ok? Ankama loves intrigues and even more they love cash.
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To all those complaining about this technique there is an easy way to stop it:

Just stop buying ogrine items being sold for kamas.

The only way a Dofus player can effectively transfer their wealth is if they can get someone to buy an ogrine purchase for kamas.

The only people who are likely to do this in Wakfu are the richest people in the game who have tons of kamas to throw away. If you don't want a Dofus player to get rich in Wakfu by using their Dofus riches then don't buy their stuff.

On the other hand if you value the convenience of being able to buy ogrine items with kamas in Wakfu then yes, people are going to rich off of it.

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ankama wont take my money and i don't have time for dofus sad why you do this ankama

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But where can I buy them I can't find themhuh 

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Unfortunately, that outdated client still runs on Flash, which Linux doesn't support (because why make support for something so outdated?)

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dermus89|2015-02-25 00:21:37
This may be a stupid question and for that I apologize in advance, but I am operating under the impression that Dofus isn't free to play.

If that is not the case then by all means set the record straight for me.
beyond astrub you have to be subscribed to interact with anything. So in order to even start this method of obtaining ogrines via dofus kamas you have to buy a sub to dofus and you would have to keep up the dofus sub with the kamas you made. so that would have to be factored into the whole thing as well.

I am not sure what the economy is like on dofus personally. Like I dont know how much bread sells for and what the time to ogrines ratio is. I am guessing it is pretty time consuming. probably many many hours a week to = a booster sub on wakfu.
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HealingHotness|2016-05-24 20:30:33
Unfortunately, that outdated client still runs on Flash, which Linux doesn't support (because why make support for something so outdated?)
It does work on linux, you just have to install Adobe Air 2.6 or 2.7 from their older versions.
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Thanks, i'll try it. smile 

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ok so i read this thing and googled how to buy ogrines on dofus and stuff like that and nothing showed up,so what i need to know is
1How to buy those ogrines with kamas
2How much kamas does it take for a single ogrine or a booster pack (idk how you buy them as much as i am concerned its either piece by piece or entire booster packs)
3How reliable is this and does it genually work,because this was posted on 2015 and its 2018 now so yea 

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