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There was this Power leveling Guide

By Trolololo4 November 06, 2014, 02:56:00

A few months ago there was this Powerlvling guide going around. I've been searching it for about a day and a half now, still can't find it. So, yeah. As a leechee, what are the optimal spots to leech people from what level to what level?

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1-18 astrub tunnels
18-30 treechnids
30-63 boowerewolves of sadida kingdom
63-70 lunar dungeon
70-95 whisper hordes (no cracklers unless you cant 1hit whisper mobs)
95-108 Whisper Crisper, skip to boss room with /chuchair
108-whatever ambassador wing for solomonk and all that jazz.
118 you can do castuc
123+ i reccomend BW
143+ i reccomend srambad
You can opt in for White wabbit but the boss fight is a headache imo.

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well is this good or not???

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They changed the values of enemies around since then, iirc.

Use this instead now:

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Epic 3+ year necro.

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