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Playing Dungeons with friends

By October 19, 2014, 23:50:11

I was in a group with a friend and we both entered the Larva Dungeon (Level 16) only to find that we each were in our own instances of the dungeon and couldn't play together. Is this a bug? Is there something we should have done to get into the same dungeon?

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Seems friend pick other version of dungeon. As there are two options, normal and easy mode. You can pick em by highlight "hands" when you try enter dungeon.

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Ah, that seemed to be what had happened. Thanks!

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Also if you both enter at the same time you end up in different instances. You need to go in first to establish the group instance, wait a few seconds, then have your buddy go in after.

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how did you both get in the first place?

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