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NEW PLAYERS READ: Volunteer Wakfu Mentor Program

By Brokonaut October 07, 2014, 09:22:27

Hiya everybody!

So we had a little chat tonight on stream when I'd noticed a lot of new players had stumbled upon our session. There were a lot of questions about basically every aspect of the game (professions, crafting, classes, mechanics, etc.) and I then I realized something. Wakfu has a really bad retention rate for a number of reasons:

1) Guidance stops after choosing a nation at level 18.
2) Build mistakes are very punishing when it comes to spell selection, statting, and gear.
3) The tutorial does not teach you a vast myriad of important features and mechanics.

Wakfu does not have a good retention rate with new players. Yes, there's a better number of new players at each phase of the game's level tiers than before September, but compared to the thousands of new players on the opening week from Steam, how many of them actually stayed as a wholly percentage? The reasons above a large contribution to why most of these players give up on the game so fast.

A lot of veterans present at the time had volunteered their knowledge as a resource for new players to reach. We don't have an updated game Wiki and the tutorial doesn't teach enough, and there aren't enough guides to cover everything. So the next best thing is to create a community mentor program that new players can privately reach knowledgeable players for advice on whatever it is they have questions on. If you want to volunteer your brain and help our community grow, feel free to post an edit of the template below. I'll come back whenever I can to update the opening post to turn this into a directory.

If you are a new player with an inquiring mind: Don't be afraid to message people in the directory with questions or asking for advice. They've volunteered their minds happily knowing they can be of assistance! One day you too will be knowledgeable enough to pass on what you've learned, but for now the most important thing is mastering the basics of Wakfu!


Forum Name:
Main Server:
In-Game Name(s):
Classes Played:
Gathering Professions:
Craft Professions:

Example Template:

Forum Name: Brokonaut
Main Server: Phaeris
In-Game Name(s): Minoa, Zidrus, Sicily, Geneso
Classes Played: Sram, Iop, Eniripsa, Pandawa
Gathering Professions: N/A

Craft Professions: N/A

It's not much, but many new players are too shy to ask for advice or afraid of being a pest. If they know that there's someone out there that's happy to answer their inquiries, maybe they won't be so quiet and eventually meander off to another game. Help represent the community in your server today, as well as the English community as a whole!

UPDATE AS OF 02/11/2015:

As people do quit the game and some of the directory does become out-dated, I am going to remove the directory and instead ask new players sift through the pages seeking Mentors. Make use of Ctrl + F to use the search bar to seek keywords relevant to what you're looking for, for example if you're on Nox search Nox or if you're seeking an Eniripsa Mentor search for that.

If you are new, consider searching the back pages of this thread first for the most recent and up-to-date posts, and if you are a Mentor I ask that you keep your post updated from time to time.

• Mango

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First Ankama intervention

That is an awesome program Mango! Thank you for taking that initiative and pinned! biggrin

See message in context
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I'll definitely help out with this. Feel free to message me in general with regards to most things. I've played nearly all classes, I have a lot of knowledge of the game's mechanics, stats, equipment and professions. I'm willing to lend my 2+ years knowledge with anyone if needed. smile

Forum Name: DiscKZee
Main Server: Remington
In-Game Name(s): Disc, Aerystelle, Delay-Tan
Classes Played: Eniripsa (Lv. 153), Osamodas (Lv. 148), Xelor (Lv. 143), Cra (Lv. 124), Iop (Lv. 154), Rogue (Lv. 151), Sadida (Lv. 123), Masqueraider (Lv. 103), Enutrof (Lv 144), Sacrier (Lv 137), Sram (Lv 110), Pandawa (Lv. 140)
Gathering Professions: Trapper (Lv 90), Farmer (Lv 56), Miner (Lv 58)
Craft Professions: Baker (Lv 41)

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Score : 1095

Ill give it a shot, im no expert but ill help as best i can

Forum Name: Monkeyshizzy
Main Server: Nox
In-Game Name: Takano, Point and Stabby, Supraballnet, Hydrake
Class Played (in order): Osamodas (118), Sram (118), Cra (50), Iop (50)
Professions: Trapper (100), Lumberjack (92)

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Score : 225

I see this as a very honorable task so I will be willing to also help out with it.
The more people stay here to play Wakfu, the bigger our community will become.

Forum Name: RaffaelloTheMaster
Main Server: Remington
In-Game Name(s): (Lvl 134) Mikki White, (Lvl 127) Noctis White, (Lvl 110) Magnolia Weber
Classes Played: Sacrier, Eni and Osamodas
Professions: Herbalist (Lvl 47)

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That is an awesome program Mango! Thank you for taking that initiative and pinned! biggrin

Score : 8469
  • Forum Name: Ichiechiechie / OhNoitsIchie
  • Main Server: Remington
  • In-Game Names: Laciel, Nokorin, Ichie
  • Classes Played: Feca, Pandawa, Eniripsa
  • Professions: (All Maxed) Trapper, Farmer, Lumber, Herbalist, Miner
  • Crafts (All Maxed): Close Combat, Long Distance, Area of Effect weapon smith.

    [*] I'll respond slowly when I'm in a fight tho ^^
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Score : 1691

I'd love to help!

Forum Name: monsterslam
Main Server: Remington
In-Game Name(s): Splee
Classes Played: Sram, Sacrier and Masqueraider
Professions: Trapper Lvl. 49 and Miner Lvl. 43 (Still leveling my professions)


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Score : 183

Forum Name: Gardosen
Main Server: Nox
In-Game Name(s): Tosado, Beginner's Luck, Maskeraider
Classes Played: Cra (Lv. 140), Ecaflip (Lv. 53). Masqueraider (Lv. 67)
Gathering Professions: Handyman (Lv. 100), Baker (Lv. 44)
Craft Professions: Farmer (Lv 92), Herbalist (Lv. 62)

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Score : 4690

Forum Name: cairen/conquestor

Main Server: Remington

In-Game Name(s): Lust/Chloroform/Wrath/changing xelor name/Gluttony

Classes Played: Sram (136), Eniripsa (136), Iop (131), Xelor (126) Cra (110)

Gathering Professions: Lumberjack 100, Trapper 100, Farmer 100, Herbalist 100, Fishing 50 (?), Miner 50 (?) - ill get this info later

Craft Professions: Handyman 56, Baker 84

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Score : 1195

I'd be more than willing to answer any questions, feel free to pm me.

Forum Name:-iPhone-
Main Server: Nox

In-Game Name(s): Abusive, Haxi, Luvr, Mofo

Classes Played: Foggernaut(170), Cra(161), Sram(163), Ecaflip(134)

Gathering Professions: Herbalist(100), Lumberjack(100), Farmer(100), Trapper(100), Miner(100)

Craft Professions: Handyman (100), Long Distance(100), Close Combat(47), Baker(100),

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Score : 1366

Forum Name: Shadow-Frost
Main Server: Remington
In-Game Name(s): Kjola, Tone Lund, Nils Lund
Classes Played: Eniripsa (126), Sram (126), Ecaflip (124)
Gathering Professions: N/A
Craft Professions: N/A I'm a professionless scrub

More than happy to help out any new players on Remi, or to just group up with folk. Try to find me in game or drop me an Ankabox message!

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Score : 14384

I will just say this

Group finder ankama? Make clan members find groups for you?

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Score : 2643

Forum Name: Fadedscourge
Main Server: Nox
In-Game Name(s): Fadedspawn (have others, but you will always find me on this one)
Classes Played: Ecaflip (Main), Rogue, Feca, Sacrier
Gathering Professions: N/A
Craft Professions: N/A

I will gladly help and guide, don't be afraid to hmu.

Group Finder = GG

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Score : 2

Forum Name: cmekks
Main Server: Nox
In-Game Name(s): cmeks
Classes Played: Eniripsa (Lvl 40)
Gathering Professions: Miner (Lvl 90)
Craft Professions: N/A

I have noticed the game isn't very good at teaching you the gathering professions. Especially mining, so I will gladly help out any newer player on getting the hang of the ins and outs of the mining profession such as where to go to mine certain resources, what the best loops are in certain caves, and just general stuff like that that Ankama doesn't really tell us. 

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Score : 7180

Hey guys, so the truth is we likely won't be in a need for an increasing size of the mentor program. New players only need so many choices. So let's just say 10 Mentors for Nox, 10 for Remington, and then 5 for the Other Servers section (most of them have their own forums). Including profession and character level is nice so players know who to contact for what stage of the game they're in, but of course eventually you level these things up. I won't know if you've furthered yourself, so whenever you feel like your directory entry needs to be updated, create a new reply with [UPDATE] at the top and I'll paste in your new information.

Sure would be nice if [Sabi] could get Mentor titles or something. wink

I'll be re-directing a section of my stream information to this thread as a resource for new players, as well as generally recommending to any new players who stumble in the stream (there's quite a bit of them) to contact players in this list for direct help on their server. They may ask for advice, they may ask for help leveling, or even a guild. It's up to your own discretion how much you want to assist them.

This program has some potential since every day, new players are still pouring into the EN servers.

• Mango

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Score : 196

Forum Name: DaigustoYai
Main Server: Remington
In-Game Name(s): Usatei, Transcendent Ice Fairy
Classes Played: Iop(154), Sacrier(137), Panda(140), Enu(144), Sadida(123), Rogue(151), Sram(110)
Gathering Professions: Trapper (100), Lumberjack (100)
Craft Professions: Close Combat (100), Handyman (100)

Hopefully I'll be on Usatei more than Fairy so it's easier to pm :C

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Score : 581

Forum Name: Anka453x
Main Server: Remington
In-Game Name(s): Tirra, Euglena, Chlorhexidine, Achelois
Classes Played: Fire/Air and Water/Air Xelor (lv. 169), Water/Earth Enutrof (lv. 159), Water/Air Eniripsa (lv. 156), Water/Earth Feca (lv. 142)
Gathering Professions: Trapper (lv. 100), the other two i'm levelling atm are Lumberjack and Herbalist (lv. 60-65)
Craft Professions: Handyman (lv. 100)

If I don't reply fast it might be because I have missed the message. Sorry in advance if that happens, just give me a poke again ^^"

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Score : 2197

Forum Name: arthuriko1 / arthuriko2 / arthuriko3
Main Server: Remington
In-Game Name(s): Riko Heavensand, Riko Heavenquake, Riko Heavengears, Northern Downpour (mainly on these)
Classes Played: Xelor (160), Enutrof (159), Eniripsa (160), Cra (137), Iop (145), Panda (142), Osamodas (125), Ecaflip (160), Sacrier (156), Foggernaut (120, my newest class), Sadida (110), Feca (145). (Bolded ones are the ones I'm most experienced at)
Gathering Professions: Lumberjack is my only maxed one and Miner is 90.
Craft Professions: Close Combat Weapons Master, Long Distance Weapons Master.

I hope I can help people as fast as possible. In case I miss your message, just message me again.

Edit: If you can send me a message on the Ankabox, it's better than PMing in-game, because I miss a lot of PMs.

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Score : 511

Always happy to help biggrin

Forum Name: Felurian7
Main Server: Remington
In-Game Name(s): Devi Devious, Arriety, Flealess
Classes Played: Sacrier (lvl.155), Enutrof (lvl. 160), Eni (lvl.160), Ecaflip (lvl. 160)
Gathering Professions: All on lvl. 100
Craft Professions: Chef, Baker, Handyman, Leather dealer and all Weapon masters on lvl. 100

I hope it will help the community grow biggrin 

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Score : 1165

I would like to help too,^^
I am the wakfu-ency. of Amara. Happy to help all german-speaking Players tongue

Forum Name: Axxort
Main Server: Amara
In-Game Name(s): Axxorn
Classes Played: Feca (160); Eni (155); all other classes between 80-140
Gathering Professions: All 100
Craft Professions: Many 100 or 80+

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