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Are all costumes an insignia now?

By Skeena#5579 - MEMBER - August 19, 2014, 23:04:12

I had purchased a bunch of costume items like a year ago and they are items with no stats that replace your real gear.

I was with a friend and he was using the captains set but I believe it was an insignia, because why would a level 105 fight in a costume with no stats?

So I am asking if all the current costumes in the shop are an insignia, and is it possible to turn my costume set boxes into insignias so they are not just role play costumes?


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They used to sell costumes in a way that they were actually items and not costumes, now they are similar to insignias but offer no stats but go into a costume slot, sadly as far as I know theres no way to turn ur items into the costume they share the design of.

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I believe the exception was to the survivor and pioneer costume owners, who got a free insignia after a while.

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