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How long have you been playing wakfu?

By HateSpawn#4606 - MEMBER - July 17, 2014, 09:53:50
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closed beta

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since open beta

My "Member Since" date is a lie, I've posted on the forums before official release and yet it still shows a date from post release.

edit: Nevermind about my above statement. Maybe they've fixed the date for when I first posted, but it used to show a post-release date. It's still not accurate to when I first made the account though.

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I played since closed beta. There were like 3 of them, I think I played since the second? I made this account before closed alpha.

I took a year break when the game released though.

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Been playing since just about the end of CB, made a guild with zent before he became so famous and got a few fun people to play, most of them quit and ive been playing on and off for the past few years.

Its an amazing game but there are a lot of things that need working on before i become a consistent player x)
(hopefully i can get a few friends to play now that its f2p)

(june 6th 2011 to be specific)

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Too long.

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A week.

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Since YesWay helped me out with my sac. hatspoon

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I remember playing Wakfu a really long time ago so it's hard to remember but I think it might have been an alpha test. It was soooo buggy and I couldn't even fight a piwi cause it wouldn't initiate. So it was pretty much impossible to play. The starting area was just a square shape and each corner had a house. Most of it was French of course. Then I found the game again later for closed beta and it was so much better lol.

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despite my sticker there, I joined right before the travelling arenas were introduced.

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Uhhh, not sure what the year was maybe around 2009. I remember all the characters were flat and chibi and you could trade your class's gear to another class. It was mostly in french so I had no idea what I was doing and there were dogs that you could tame as an Osa. Yeah.

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Like day 2 beta but I was still playing dofus at the time too.

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Since Feb 29, 2012. leap year, yo.

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Played since open beta. Currently on a month break due to vacation but will return in a week.


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I been with Wakfu since wakfu started basically.

Was one of the original English pre-alpha beta testers as i was chosen by Kaoly(I bet many of you don't even know who that is lmao) to be a Beta reporter.

So Basically been playing wakfu on and off since 2007/2008 biggrin. My wakfu roots run deep

- Senru

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Since the beta, aye. Can't remember exactly when, though.

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I played a French alpha for like 20 minutes, then I started playing the closed beta when it started.

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A long time ... still addicted to cocaine.. *cough* I mean this game.

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