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Returning player in need of help!

By ShoKaiBai July 01, 2014, 23:07:51

Hey all! I've been playing on and off since launch and decided to come back for a bit now that Wakfu is free to play. I really need help understanding the current power level of classes and builds. When I had last left (End of Frigost/ Start of Wabbit) Fire/any rogues were very powerful and many were running 2-3 in a group. Pandas and Srams were all but phased out (except for certain things).

How are things now? I had before I left level 110-120 Eni/water, sac/tank, Osa/air, panda/firetank, Cra/fire. What would you recommend I replace/level with what the current content requires/is strong.

Thanks for all the feedback anyone leaves I really appreciate it and love Wakfu. Glad I can finally play casually without the pressure of a sub running out.wub

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It's not f2p yet, it's happening on the 28th IIRC.

Your team looks fine. Fire rogues got nerfed, they're still good, but nerfed. Srams are still shit in PvE until someone emerges with a new metagame for them. (Sorry, Srams, it's kinda true though.)

Your team looks fine. Osa -> Earth/Air and Cra -> ???/Fire would be smart, all gear is hybrid now. An Earth Osa would allow you to jump straight into doing dragon pig because of your tank sac but I can't be bothered to write out the entire strategy. Have someone take you on a tutorial run.

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