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Story Mission: 2 Contracts

By Elistah - MEMBER - June 17, 2014, 16:03:19
sooooooooooooooo which brilliant coder/developer made it so if you fail either challenge in this mission you are killed and sent back to your phoenix...

I don't mind a lil difficulty in challenges and various tasks but having to be sent all the way to phoenix and then having to run all the way back to the challenge area is quite a pain in the probably character legs and player arms/hands/fingers. Can someone get them to patch this so you are only sent back to the start of room or to the start point of Srambad or something, Otherwise this will become a tedious waste of time an effort...
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I'm not experiencing this as I am not at a level to even enjoy the content as of yet and my opinion may have very little weight to it...but

It's a good idea to kill a player and send them to a phoenix when they fail the quest mission challenge because, they wanted you to get killed. You goofed in sram country, got backstabbed 100 times and bled out in a skull decorated rat filled musty alleyway corner. No one even heard your last silent murmurs of misery and woe before your vision faded and your carcass wilted like a flower in the Saharash desert heat.
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Clearly Ankama needs to add more running time in game so the speed of mounts is offset. This is a staple Ankama balancing trick. Give the players something good, but make something else worse so they keep the status quot. Unfortunately if don't have that mount your game experience will be worse and Ankama won't notice.
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see why some of us didn't want mounts? oh well too bad people want them for show or just because dofus has them
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