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Supreme Magmog Bleeder

By KHfan22 - MEMBER - June 16, 2014, 00:52:29
Has anyone able to get the Supreme Magmog Bleeder title recently?
I'm not able to find out since my panda has gotten it a long time ago. However, I've spent countless weeks trying to get it regarding to the Gobballrogs.

To get the Supreme Title you need:
  • Kill Magmog (or complete run) with at least five different classes (2 enis allowed only)
  • Defeat three gobballrogs before finishing off Magmog
  • Kill Magmog 6 times (Six times the veteran for Magmog Cooler Title)
I've heard months ago that you have to kill 2 Gobballrog adds and hope Magmog does not summon another one to get the title, however, after completing that my groupmates have yet to receive the title. We tried again another week killing exactly 3 Gobballrog summons and have yet to receive the title.

Is the Supreme Magmog Bleeder Title bugged?
If not any ideas how to get it?

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the title is in fact bugged
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That's weird I just got that title last night. On a lv. 145 Panda and 145 Eni.
I'm from Remington Server, btw.

I still believe that the conditions you mentioned above are the ones you need to achieve to get the title.

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wasnt there a part where you need to kill mikmak before it goes meteor shower?
also we've been killing all the summons when we were getting our title. that was around 6 and we got it. but that was a long time ago, so~
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Hopefully someday we're end up getting it. It's getting a bit annoying at this point for me.

I will be filing a bug report and ticket as well, hopefully I will get an official response about what's going on soon.

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