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Alt Voting Perspectives From The Non-Political

By androgyous June 05, 2014, 08:00:44
From time to time the topic of alt-voting seems to come up. However, it is generally from someone running for gov defending alt voting, or someone trying to run for gov against alt-voting. I am curious what people that have no motivation to be in politics think about this. If someone is running for gov and alt voting they will be for it, and someone cant alt vote and is running for gov they will be against it. So to anyone that has not held any cabinet position ever and has no interest to do so, the question is do you think it is fair for a single person or a small guild to push out say 100 votes in an election, or do you just not care? Once again this question is for people that have no political past or aspirations.
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Government in wakfu is one of two things

a popularity contest or whoever has the most alts wins

It has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with those two above points.

So in my honest opinion I couldn't care less except for the couple of times ive been army general. It's nice to have a little title for a short period of time
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Nobody cares politics at the moment.
Just people who bored from other parts of game,
or people who enjoy fixing ecosystems and helps others,
or some egoists.
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how about all 3? biggrin
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I know the OP's question states people with no political past need not answer, however I'd like to quip my 2c.

Buying votes and popularity are no different than a normal democratic state. What happens here in Wakfu politics isn't any different than what happens in, say, American politics. The key difference here, is that here in Wakfu we have the power to magically replicate ourselves, turning one person into any number of votes depending on how devoted they are. They aren't even limited by the amount of character slots on their account, since deleting a character has no ramifications on a candidate's vote count. Unless it were plausible to make voting once per account, I don't see it being a fixable situation in the slightest. Even then, people who pay for multiple accounts still have a slight advantage.

Being a person who lost to severe alt-voting in the past (never forget, Yuchan/GMS) I'm always against it. However I still support having your guild and friends vote for you, despite it being 100% unavoidable that they'll also vote for you on their alts if its convenient and the CP is there (and chances are, if you're running you won't tell them not to). That being said I've accepted that there's no be-all-end-all solution to the political matter sans for the one vote per account business, and even then that doesn't completely halt the issue.

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In politics everything is fair game. Why do you think it's a dirty career?
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Voting once per account would alleviate the alt voting problem slightly. People who still alt vote will keep doing it but at least they won't be able to overwhelm a group of individual players who support another candidate quite so much.
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I don't mind it when the alts vote for someone who will be good for the Nation. The trouble arises when alts are used to vote for lazy or disruptive leaders.
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