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Best way to leech a character

By Shinzyy March 18, 2014, 14:14:12
I just created an Enu on a alt account to boost my chances of getting drops. So long story short, I need Mr Enu to hit level 100 ASAP, where should I take him? I believe Wabbits don't start giving exp until you hit level 70, so what I usually do when new players want my help leveling is take them to Crows/Monks until they hit 70 and then rush off to Wabbit island. Just wondering though, is there any faster ways to level someone other than this?
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lvl 1-50 bwork
lvl 50-70 sadida
lvl 70-100 whisper

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I did something like

17-40ish Sadida

40-100+ Whisper dungeons. (Last room)

to pwl my feca 1-120 in 10 hours but that's with a full group and x3 exp.
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I did 1-40 in Sureberry Fields, then 40-60 in Lunar and then finished off at Polar Cracklers while raising my Feca.
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I just leech at lunar dungeon 20-100 then go to whispers for 100-120.
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Lunar 20-60 -> Hamman 60-100 -> Chillberg quest 100-104ish -> Whispers 104-120 -> Wabbit quest line 120-123
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My choice is hoodlum dun 0-70 (because I'm lazy to move and simply love this place), then whisper dungeons until 100. ^^;
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lv1-110 Hagen Daz's Dungeon tongue

lv110-130 Black Wabbit Dungeon
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I had a new leech I levelled alongside an Otomai's armor quest recently which worked pretty well, obviously not optimal exp though if you're purely after speed.

What I did notice though, is that Nun spamming could definitely be worth it somewhere in the 70-100 range. Last room gave the leech between 4-5m exp (with challenges and a 2x multiplier) and the other rooms gave decent exp too, which is pretty nice for a fast dungeon.

Early 100s is just a void in my memory, probably Chillberg stuff until spamming dungeons on Wabbit island became worth it.
Other than that - can't go wrong with whisps/lunar spam until wabbits as others have said.
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Most characters can be useful at level 100. I just take them along to whatever content I'm currently running.
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