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Pouch pp

By Dapave February 19, 2014, 05:09:19
I'd like to know if the pp affects the drop of the enu's pouches.

And if they are, are they affect even when the enu has more than the pp limit (250 pp)?
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Devs have never confirmed how does pp affects Enutrof pouches.

However, from experience... since wis/pp cap I have noticed a decrease in items and an increase in candy from enu pouches.

The cap to pp is 250pp no matter what.
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I'd say its all but confirmed that cap effects bags.
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the amount of candies in pouches is too dam' high
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Petition Or uhhh,, suggestion to get Enu's pouch changed to a pinata~ !
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Hello guys!

As everyone mentioned already, this question has been rolling around forums since days of beta.
The way pouches work is like a scale .. It DOES get affected by the PP you are having at the moment thus giving you a roll depending on what PP lock you managed to reach (For what item).
And if your roll fails through the whole loot list, you get a candy!

Edit: Also if you wish to know about the 250+PP cap, you can easily test it with any drop that has a higher drop rate (10-20%) and a PP requirement of 300+PP. If you pull out that 300+ PP in combat and still get the item, you'll get your answer to this. There is a strong chance that it works that way as all I've seen is that PP is capped for after the combat when loot is distributed, but enutrofs have the ability to get look while in combat which MIGHT make a difference.
Sorry for not being able to test out myself and give you a proper answer but I am not currently in the game. sad

Hope it helped!

- Stylia
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there is no drop with a 300 pp lock. all the locks are divisible by 200.
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