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Uberlord (Wild Estate)

By Arahuello February 08, 2014, 21:21:41
The question is - can I still make the Uberlord quest?

As far as I understand I should find some secret passages at Wild Estate - but I couldnt, coz that area was revamped totally.

But that quest is still unfinished in my Discovery list - so probably someone know how to complete it...

Or we should expect removing it from the game?

Can someone comment that?
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It's from the old Island. I was only ever able to find the Super Mario themed cave. It's gone now anyways, so don't expect any miracles from Ankama.
im still trying to find the spectral gob ... and thats new ;o; where o where art though spectral gob.
looks like noone is interesting smile
I'm interested, but I can't find an answer. I could get the second cave. But not the Oiram Passage.
I still have eca pirate captain pants in my quest items. You could even check how they look on character as regular item, to be clear as a hat. But since one ninja fix its not more possible nor to look at it or even link on chat.
I still haven't found that God forsaken spectral gob.
at least they put the hidden areas back in
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