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Puddly Breastplate: Item of Mythical Rarity

By ShadowStrife February 08, 2014, 08:27:24
I've been killing Puddly enemies of all shapes and sizes for MANY hours and have not found a single Breastplate.

In fact, I've already gone up by 13 levels while trying to get this freaking item, already making it obsolete.

So I suppose now I should try to farm a higher tier of item and not get it in the next 15 levels so I can continue to do the same thing?

Progression and drop rates in this game is extremely frustrating.
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It has a prospecting lock of 200, so you'd likely have needed two players to have even a chance at dropping it.
Well, also tried for four hours with two friends and still never found one.
It's just an anecdote, but it's representative of all our experiences in Wakfu. Rarely do we get what we need without having to do so many battles that we then outlevel the item we were trying to drop.
Drop Rule #1: If you need something, you can't drop it.
Drop rule #2 : The random you invite along with you will surely drop said item, but also "needs it".

Drop rules may be worthy of its own thread =D
Drop rule #3 : The moment you are farming for experience your inventory gets full as monsters keeps trowing their ,now useless, drops at you
Drop rule #4 : Buy what you need, WHEN you need it
Drop rule #5 : Always roll an Enu to double your 0.01% drop chance
Drop Rule #6: %5 is bigger than %10 in this game.
In one word, wakfu tongue 
Rule: #7 by the time you drop item, your already overleveled trying to drop another .1% item and the item you just dropped was actually ninja nerfed.
really? pfft
Rule #8 By the time you get your drop, there will probably be a better item out to replace it. Considering you probably already out leveled the item and/or it might already be ninja nerfed to top it all off. Prepare to pay for a respec and pay to stat 2-3 kit every time cap goes up for your new items.
Rule #9: If you can't multibox, you can't drop the item.
Rule #10: Lower level players will drop the rarest items, on the first run, of an item you're been trying to drop for weeks.
Rule #11: You can use tokens to--,, Tokens are--,, err tokens-. nope. gone.
Rule #12: Every once in a while, or once every 100 levels or so, the Rng will bestow upon you exactly what you're looking for on the first try. Cherish. Rune it. Never unequip it. It won't happen again.
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