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Relic drop chance or how Ankama saying truth to us.

By Arahuello February 05, 2014, 10:30:56
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Fadedscourge|2014-02-11 15:09:10
cbunny|2014-02-06 18:45:51
BlackClover|2014-02-06 18:43:45
@Cbunny -

So this drop rate and slim chances isn't simply an aspect of the game. Its a way of life. You have .01% chance at getting a response in the forums over this topic. However this .01% chance of replying as a "money given" lock of 800,000 dollars. So you must group up with the entire forum to get this .01% chance of a reply. Not only this, one person at random will roll for this chance of getting this .01%.

Isn't that a crazy, random happenstance? The game imitates life which imitates the game!

LOOOOL laugh
+1 lol
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sad but true
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Relic fragments dont follow normal loot rules,
there is a random roll on who will roll the fragment of each mob then they roll on them

I have dropped 2 empelol capes, 2 bps, 2 ammys, 1 kunalds in the time i dropped 2 fragments off the boss
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looks like 1 per team per mob, even from boss
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wow, first time I see that happening.
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Me and my friend from one each in same fight too. total 2 (normal fight at lenald)
I didn't screenshot, but Ricesoup already put good prove screenshot on.
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