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Ankama needs your help!!

By January 24, 2014, 23:15:15
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azalyn|2014-01-29 16:52:09
Mikutza|2014-01-29 12:36:51
Please don't call it anime and manga, it's insulting towards Asian work. Call it comic and cartoon.

The difference between a French comic and Japanese Manga:

Different art, lately Frenchies try to rip them off. (Ever since 1998)

Time: French comics take a few months to complete, be it a chapter of 24/52 pages where as a Japanese manga comes out every week or so. (Won't go into quality and success)

Anime/Cartoon same thing, time,art,ripoff, +the horrible voice acting.
Eh, in Japan, the terms "Anime" and "Manga" are used to refer to all types of cartoons and comic books respectively. It's just literally their words for that. They don't draw a distinction, unless they actually add "japanese" or "western" or whatever in front as a qualifier.

Furthermore, the original animes and manga actually drew inspiration from western art, and then evolved their own style.

Also, that ship has sailed already: EN.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/OEL_manga

The terms are already being used to refer to japanese-inspired art, to the extent that there's a Wikipedia (which is NPOV) article on the subject. The way language evolves, it won't be long before it all comes full circle. Give up, you have no chance to survive, make your time. :o
But we are not in Japan and the words "anime" and "manga" are used only for japanese animation and comic books.
Wakfu and Dofus are not anime/manga by any means and I also don't get why are they calling it like that. It's not made by japanese, not in Japan and it doesn't look like manga/ anime, it's clearly european/ western.
It's quite a shame, it's like they are ashamed of calling it french/ european comic/ cartoon.
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Well Ankama themselves call it an animated series, so really, it's just us. And really, I think we're just used to calling anything that isn't a child's cartoon anime, since there are very few cartoons that cater to older audiences. So, like the deep south calls all carbonated drinks "Coke," we just instinctively go for the blanket term of "anime."

Also, just as a heads up for everyone, but a few minutes ago we hit the $200,000 mark, so we will now all have Season 1 and 2 dubbed and on Blu-Ray, as well as the 2 tomes, translated, in digital form, on Comixology. Next up, we'll try to get to 250k for the Mini-Wakfu episodes, (Chibi episodes where the main characters act out stories from the lore of Wakfu/Dofus) then 300k, at which point we'll get the 3 new OAVs dubbed. Exciting times.
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Aaaand we have season two
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Hylian-Scientist|2014-01-31 18:58:54
I think we're just used to calling anything that isn't a child's cartoon anime

Which is weird, really, because a lot of anime, especially the stuff that's really popular in the west, is actually aimed at young demographics in Japan.

Still, it's pretty telling that US networks think Wakfu doesn't suit their own demographics, isn't it?
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Truth be told, if they don't censor it (Which I dearly hope they don't), then they'll have to find a teen-oriented network here in NA. (Don't forget about us Canadians wink ) I mean, we can deal with violence better than EU, but as far as any level of sexual content, we'd have to censor it if it was aimed at kids. And there are a few moments that I know wouldn't fly over here. So yes, there aren't really many networks that work for Wakfu, as there aren't many aimed at teens and up. Mind you, they've already said they may try for Netflix or Hulu, so that would work wonderfully happy 

Sorry for getting into necro-posting territory here everyone, but the Kickstarter has now reached the $250,000 mark, meaning that a pledge of $40 or more now also gets you an additional 27 episodes of Mini Wakfu; a series of chibi shorts that explain the mythos of the Krosmoz! So not only are you getting an amazing show dubbed, but you're also getting both seasons, Mini Wakfu, and the special episodes on Blu-Ray for the same cost! (Not to mention all of the awesome things mentioned before!)

Ankama has yet to release info on what's going to be announced now that we've hit this landmark, but you can keep your eyes peeled for the reveal on the Kickstarter page! My bet's on unlocking more Stretch Goals, and some awesome Smug Duck things, but the jury's out so far.

If we can keep getting more and more people to pledge, we can easily reach the 300k goal of getting the as-of-yet unreleased episodes dubbed as well, and beyond!
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