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By [Sabi] - ADMINISTRATOR - January 21, 2014, 03:21:47

These forums have been created to be a friendly environment for our community, where they may share their WAKFU experience, ask questions, get help, share feedback and most of all… to socialize and have fun.

Therefore we feel it is important to share with you the guidelines for the overall wellness of the forums. We have compiled a few basic pointers to follow that will help you on your posting journey in our forums. These are followed by the Forums Rules of Conduct.

To promote an enjoyable and healthy atmosphere, you must understand what sort of behavior is expected from all of our members. Therefore we ask that you familiarize yourself with our Forums Rules of Conduct, which are based on our WAKFU Terms of Use.

Before posting:

  • Always use the search function in order to make sure that a similar thread was not created previously, or that the information you are looking for hasn’t already been provided elsewhere.
  • Make sure to stay informed about any specific posting rules that apply to specific sub-forums.
  • Make sure to use the right section of the forums.
  • If you have lost posting privileges or have been sanctioned, do not use another account to post, as using a secondary account is subject to permanent ban from the forums.

When posting, you should always:

  • Be respectful and polite.
  • Take good care of your spelling.
  • Develop your answers, please try to refrain from behaving as if you were in a chatroom or sending a text. Please try to also refrain from using too many abbreviations.
  • Post in English, or always provide an English translation should you post in another language (Please note that the exception to this rule is in the "Other Language" section, where no translation is required).

Forums Rules of Conduct:

Offensive Language & Content

You may not use, or link to content that uses, profanity or any language that a reasonable person would find offensive, obscene or otherwise improper. You agree to behave accordingly. The following are some specific examples of offensive language (and content) situations:

a) Flaming: You may not engage in “Flaming,” which includes messages or posts designed to personally berate or insult another.

b) Attacks: You may not engage in verbal or written attacks against anyone, including other players, forum participants, Ankama staff, or the volunteer moderation team (ICT). If you want to report another specific player, forum participants, Ankama staff or members of the volunteer moderation team (ICT) please do so via Ankabox to your Community Manager or use the following email: Please do not use the forums to do so.

c) Anti-Game: Unless specified and authorized by a Community Manager (for event purposes), it is prohibited to encourage the community to behave in an "anti-game" way, such as aggressing deliberately or conducting a manhunt against players, characters or guilds whose names might have been mentioned for this purpose.

d) Hate Groups, Hate Speech, and Political & Religious Discussions: You may not use hate speech or use the forums to participate in or form organizations, whether or not officially organized, whose ideology is based on or resembles anti-religious, anti-ethnic, anti-sexual orientation, racist, or sexist philosophies. Furthermore, in order to maintain a fun and positive environment, you may not create posts in the forums dedicated to real-world politics or religion, which could have the possibility to cause offence.

e) Illegal Content & Pornographic Content: You may not post or promote any illegal or pornographic content within these forums.

f) Petitions/Polls and Website Polls: Petition threads are not to be confused with suggestions threads, which are allowed to be posted on their own. A thread is considered as a Petition/Poll thread when the thread asks other members of the community to either agree or virtually sign a proposed Petition/Poll. You may post a Petition/Poll thread in its respective forum knowing that the thread content is subject to the current Forums Rules of Conduct, it will therefore be reviewed by an Ankama staff member. Website Polls are a website function reserved to Ankama staff members and are displayed on the main website page, Website Polls can be suggested or requested to an Ankama staff member via Ankabox.


You may not, in any way, attempt to or disrupt / interfere with the forum environment and game experience of other players, Ankama staff or the volunteer moderation team (ICT). The following are some specific examples of disruption:

a) Trolling: You may not engage in “Trolling,” which is deliberately posting negative comments in order to “Bait” others into responding a certain way. Please note that publically accusing someone else of being a troll may also constitute as a form of trolling. In addition, do not re-post or take upon any action to publically bring up a previously locked, closed, deleted or otherwise rule-breaking moderated discussion.

b) Rant: While we welcome feedback, we prohibit excessively negative comments, especially those that are not conducted in a constructive and civil manner but we also prohibit the use of comments that are designed to demoralize the spirit of the game.

c) Abuse: You may not engage in the following forms of abuse: bullying, belittling, harassing, intentionally misleading others, etc.

d) Off-topic/Multiple Topics/Cross-Posting: You may not post messages unrelated to the topic at hand. This is often known as “de-railing.” In addition to this, you may not post threads directed to only a single recipient; instead, please use the Ankabox.

e) Bumping/Reviving/Necroposting: You may not post messages in an old topic merely for the sake of re-positioning it to the top of the forum index or other feed, sometimes known as “bumping” or “reviving/necroposting,” in order to gain normally unwarranted attention.

f) Spamming: You may not use (or abuse) the forums to harass other players by engaging in spamming or “flooding.” This includes multiple posting of the same word, message, character, or other content, in attempts to bring unwarranted visibility to your cause or for the general annoyance of others. This also applies to messages that take the form of gibberish or unrelated messaging. In addition, you may not engage in unnecessary ‘pyramid quoting:’ messages containing a quote within a quote within a quote are unnecessary and constitute as spam. Usually one-to-two quotes are enough and any further should require trimming before being sent as final.

g) Sharing Account Information & Personal Identifiable Information
For your protection, do not share your account or login information on these forums. You may not share any personnel information of other players, forum participants, Ankama staff, or the volunteer moderation team (ICT). Do not discuss any moderation, account sanctions or private communications with Ankama staff publicly on the forums, the Ankabox is the communication tool for that purpose, which can be used to contact the appropriate Ankama staff member.

h) Impersonation
You may not impersonate any person or entity or fraudulently hold yourself out to be an Ankama employee, representative, or any other person or connected or affiliated with Ankama. This also include accusation of impersonation.

i) Advertising: You may not promote nor advertise any third party services or products, whether or not for commercial purposes or gains, without explicit permission from Ankama.

Report Button

You can report a post or a thread that you may have found breaking these Forum Rules of Conduct by simply clicking the "Report" button available on each thread or reply. This feature is there to simplify the work of the moderators and should not be abused, especially if the thread or post doesn’t actually break the rules. Abusing the report function can be punished with a warning.

Please do not reply to people who do not respect the rules of the forum so that you do not contribute to a rule breaking thread or post. Similarly, you are asked to not to act as a moderator in this instance. In the case of rule-breaking, you are asked to report the thread or post, and if necessary, to contact a Moderator or a Community Manager to alert them of the issue. Trying to reason with the offender could indeed only encourage further rule-breaking. .

Here are some rules and guidance to help you properly report posts or threads:

You can:

  • Report a thread or post by adding the link of by adding the link of the original duplicated thread into your report message.
  • Report a multiple offence by adding the links of the same offence made by a fellow community member.
  • Report a thread and ask for it to be closed.
  • Report to warn us of one or more dead links in single threads.

Please do not:

  • Report an Ankama employee or volunteer, please use the following email: instead.
  • Report all topics or posts made by a spammer. I will only be necessary to say that this person is spamming by giving us a few links in the report so that we can look at all the posts or threads created by that person.
  • Report a thread or post just because the reported person insulted or had inappropriate behavior towards you outside the forum (for example: in-game).
  • Report a thread or post just because it contradicts you on a subject.
  • Report to ask us our opinion on a subject.
  • Report to alert us of a misspell that we may have done when working on the forums. We prefer for you to contact us via Ankabox to do so.
  • Report in the sole purpose of wanting to get noticed by the moderation team.
  • Report and notify the reported that he has been reported.

Anyone who does not respect or follow the Forums Rules of Conduct may be subject to sanctions up to permanent ban from the forums.
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