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Solo places to level at 60+?

By Lawful - MEMBER - January 06, 2014, 00:12:36

Since wakfu changed the whole system of how you get exp, with level of individual monsters instead of pack level, i wonder where is it good to level for a lv60+? Except sadida island..

Im leveling my osa and considering that im not going to get power leveled, where is the optimal place to get exp for me and my lv50 firend?

Im a summoner osa with ancestral crack + exot crab.

Any suggestions where could i level relatively fast up to 100?

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Calamar and its environmental challenges, then eventually Bilbiza. Osas with 2-ish summons, animal link and phoenix spirit do well, as when the summons die they heal you, and come back to life at a 40% rate to keep pwning and heal you again when they die.

1-3 bilboys is what I levelled on for a while there.

Also doing the fetch-quests for Guild of Hunters. Level Trapper for Bilbiza, so you can collect/turn in each day, and get some easy, fast XP.

Use lots of CMC in Plants Vs Jellies (lime dimension)

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