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Lock counting

By January 03, 2014, 21:27:22

I know that max chance for lock is 95% (which means 5% chance for dodge of the enemy).

I am interesting in the lowest lock value which could lock enemy on 95%.

Let's say enemy has 175 dodge, what is the lowest value of lock, which can lock him with chance of 95% (so he has 5% chance to dodge)?

Please tell if I count it right -

If my lock would be 175, he has 50% chance to dodge.

1 lock decrese chance to dodge by 0,5%. I already have 50%, so, to get to 95% I need additional 45% (50%+45%=95%). 45%*2=90. So I need to have 265 lock?

Or mayby I need 1-2 points more or less to get this value (I mean value of 95% chance to lock)?

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I am actually going to try to explain this in one of my meetings for my dojo. If the enemy has 100 dodge you would need 190 lock to get your 95% lock rate. 100 for 50% and 45 more times 2 for 90.

It seems weird since you would think you would need 200 lock versus 100 dodge just for 50%, but it seems to be working by that 0.5% per lock AFTER you have the same lock as the enemy theory.

So to save yourself from any possible confusion, you would be correct! you would need 265 lock to have that 95% chance with an enemy's dodge at 175! biggrin

EDIT: You could just add 90 lock to your opponent's dodge! smile Great Question!

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