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Quick alt question.

By Tragrim - MEMBER - January 03, 2014, 01:02:05
So I'm starting to make my characters and ages ago you could just jump in, select your nation and go crazy but apparently now you have to hit level 15 and do a series of quests before you're able to select your nation, is this the case or am I missing something?
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Unfortunately you missed nothing. "Enjoy" or something. On the bright side if you do the guard quest in the Outpost once you have your nation you get a 5% general resist item you can wear instead of your class emblem. Also I don't know if you already noticed the nations give different elemental boni now.
So I'm going to have to waste several hours in total to grind them to level 15 or complete a series of anything quests?

Enjoy indeed.. why on earth did they change it o.O.
That is for Ankama to know and us to whine about. Welcome back to Bugfu.
Guess I won't be subbing today and instead will be grinding 6 characters to 15, woo!

Thanks for quick response anyways.
Zadistforlife|2014-01-03 01:33:48Guess I won't be subbing today and instead will be grinding 6 characters to 15, woo!

At the risk of stating the obvious, if you run those characters to Kwismas Island they'll instantly be level 10. You can then fight some of the present monsters there to get to 15 rather quickly, and then use your level 10 respec to set your spell levels. (since all your spells will be level 0 if you do it this way)
As a returning player this isn't obvious, so thank you, you've reduced the leveling time quite a bit smile.

Edit: All the characters are now level 15-20, thanks for that hint.. might have to level some other characters before this goes away!
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