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So... considering returning (opinions/questions!)

By Tragrim - MEMBER - January 01, 2014, 00:12:58
Long story short I'm an old player who quit due to real life becoming a bother and the lack of content (at the time Dark Hurl and that radioactive spider thingy were the only new things).

I'm considering playing again.. potentially on my original 3 accounts or perhaps going the full 6 (Unless these sidekicks are extremely amazing).

Question time!

What's a good team set up these days? This is purely for dungeon spamming, I assume I'd have to make specific classes for specific UB fights.

I currently have (between level 105-110 and with okay gear for the time e.g. moowolf / vamp):
  • An Osa/Eni on one account (Osa will forever be my main, but I'm flexible)
  • An Enu/Iop on my first alt
  • An Enu/Sadida/Cra on my second alt
I think my current mac can handle a full team of 6.

Is there enough content to keep a person preoccupied? I'm reading about grindy relics.. it seems rather interesting. I don't easily bore, so farming x and y is my cup of tea.

Is leveling still a pain? By a pain I mean leveling alts took a while and hitting 110, if you didn't no life, was extremely grindy.. is hitting the cap a task?

So yes, I'm still in "Should I?" mode.. If all else fails I'll just go back to Guild Wars 2, no biggy! Furthermore if this is in the wrong spot, sorry.
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Not quite welcome back yet Sadist,

1. As an addition to your osa/eni enu/iop idea I'd pick a rogue. They not only deal amazing damage and change your entire gameplay but they also make levelling very easy compared to other classes. Can't imagine playing without one now that I have one. Multimen can work but they deffinitely do not fully replace real characters. Playing lumino or shadow feels more like playing half an eni or half an iop. I don't really know that you'd be able to pull off the highest level dungeons with them, they do work as fillers for a lot of things though (hope they fix the potential pros lock bug soon). Since you haven't played in a while check the devblogs btw, there are a lot more options for hybridizing and customizing builds now.

2. There is quite a bit more content now and wabbit island will likely keep you occupied for a good while seeing what stage you're at now. Some mobs are quite tedious to farm though (lenalds and zwombbits: I'm looking at you!) Grinding relics is indeed the grindiest of grindy tasks.

3. Levelling changed quite a bit last update since they introduced a new system. Basically the best way to level now is doing dungeons slightly above the char's level you mean to level. Deviating from the average mob level too much will yield quite poor results. Whether you find that more or less grindy is personal preference really but it has facilitated the 120-140 jump. It does make pulling entirely new chars quite tedious though imo.

Hope that at least answered some of your questions and possibly see you on Remington soon.
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I never feel boored playing this game but you need serious help with your gears, vampo and moo

are not *ok* gears anymore people are running around with + 650dmg now and also 10 ap and some of

them 11. So, ya I advice you to get back and play just do your best you need alot of work.

I will say rogue and water mask are OP classes they will help you alot.

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Well they were good at the time, namely non-magmog / black crow gear. I get my gear is lame now and I'm all for grinding for new gear, lord knows leveling 3 characters up and gearing 6 will be a massive task (feel free to throw me some gear, if you want wink, but seriously, I quit months ago, I assumed my gear would suck when I returned).

My main issue is figuring out a solid team and leveling 3 characters from scratch (new exp seems to mean power leveling at, say, whispering island or tree dungeon, is a horrible idea).

I wouldn't mind a rogue, bombs seem enjoyable. Obviously an Eni would be good and perhaps changing my Iop to eventual earth/air. I've seen some good Xelors back in the day but eh.. I know a sac would make an ideal tank.

So far it seems eni/sac/sadida(?)/Iop/cra(?)/panda might be a good combo (for anything, UB included).. but honestly I have no idea. I like the idea of having an Enu around for dungeons and whatnot and have one leveled so eh.

I'll go through the blogs now xD, might end up subbing tomorrow!
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Feel free to join La Guilde : )).
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Is that a guild from Dofus? It sounds familiar! I'll probably throw my alts everywhere tongue, so I might take you up on that!

I'm currently on holidays and uni is over a month away.. I also have no life so grinding 4-10 hours a day is an actual option. I don't think it would take a long while to level characters up and get the ball rolling.. I just need some character advice really.

Well apparently there's a capped amount of characters you can create in 24 hours.. gotta make 2 accounts and I can get started.
I've decided on the following, the classes in brackets are what will also be on the accounts.

  • Fire/Water Eni (Summon Osa)
  • Air/Earth Iop (Earth Enu / Perhaps a Rogue)
  • Water Enu (Cra / Sadida
  • Water Panda - not sure
  • Earth Sac - the tank (Maybe a Cra here to speed dungeons where a tank isn't needed)
  • Earth Sadida - Seems redundant as I have a Sadida leveled on my Water Enu's account.. and I know water Enus and UB don't really go together.

I guess my main issue is UB and what are good combinations to actually win against them.. I suppose leveling a core dungeon farming team and working my way to eventual weekly UB is a goal..
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