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CMC damage

By wYun - MEMBER (+) - December 21, 2013, 06:10:14
What does cmc damage apply to? Is there a list I can refer to. More specifically does feca or panda have anything that will benefit from this stat
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No on the Feca's and Panda's as far as I'm aware.

CMC damage is a combined state from before which was "+Summon Damage" and "+Trap Damage."

In other words, it helps summons and traps, such as Sadi Dolls, Osa Summons, Rogue Bombs, Cra Beacons. Meaning it does not help standard spells. Feca glyphs (triggering spells) are still spells as are Panda barrels (spells cast off them).

- Kat
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