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Damage question please

By LittleKros December 09, 2013, 17:34:03
Let's say I can do 100 earth dmg.

If I get a hat that says +25% earth dmg I assume I do 125 dmg.

If I get a hat that says +25% dmg. How much damage do I do? I understand if it says +25% all elements I'd still do 125 dmg.

But what abouy +25% dmg. no elements. How does that work? i.e. the m.a.c.h. 2 helmet.

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100 earth base with 25% earth dmg is 125 dmg vs zero resists.

if you have a 100 earth base dmg and lets say a 25% earth hat and a 25% all elements, even if its just listed as 25% dmg, then you'd do 150 dmg versus zero earth resist.
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It depends entirely on your base damage.

If you deal 100 base damage and gain +25% earth damage, you will deal 125 damage.

If you deal 50 base damage and have 100% earth damage already (boosting your damage to 100, because 50+100% is 100), and gain +25% earth damage, you will deal 112.5 damage (because 25% of 50 is 12.5)

%Damage with no element attached is the game's way of saying "Increases damage without increasing healing". Similarly, elemental damage increases both of these things (if the heal is of that element), and %Healing only increases healing without increasing damage.

I don't remember the exact calculation and I'm probably wrong with the exact numbers but you get the jist.
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