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Nations' Fire of Love still there?

By Mayaguez - MEMBER - November 30, 2013, 05:34:11

I went to look for the Fire of Love in different nations, but their villages and HQs have changed.
Anyone has been able to find the Fire of Love of their nation after these changes?


This thread was focus on Amakna, but look like the access is not there yet. Like it happened with Incarnam.

Where can I find Fire of Love after HQ revamp? Click here
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Why make a new thread? The other one sufficed and it was about other nations too.

It looks like they forgot to move the hidden sections when they moved the castles.
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Actually, I did a search for "Fire of Love" and I could not find that thread. And I did not see it until after I created the thread.

Also, I tried to find an option to delete my message with the thread, but could not find it. 0o
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