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[New] Combat challenge system for Dec Update

By JerryDB - MEMBER - November 19, 2013, 22:21:13
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It is just another new/old idea to be implemented in Wakfu in order to slow everybody's progress down even more. Nice though, if you are an old snail..
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by the way i just got new idea for challanges:

Plot - at least once during fight make all memebers close to eachother (5 members can surround 1 of them wich will form Cross of 1 shape + the last member can be anywhere near them in one of their lock zone, OR they can form a nice line, but each member must touch others. Making 3 allies next to each other and the next 3 next to each other won't count. They need to be connected).

Troll of the day - one of allies can only hit allies and cannot hurt enemies directly (for whole fight).

Watch the grass grow - one of team members must pass 3 turns in a row (doesnt need to be first 3 turns but it must be done before last monster is KOed. The team can fight normally and just make sure that before last monster is killed that one of them will pass 3 turns).

Blind fight - every turn cast one spell on empty cell (can be cheap spell but it means less AP per turn will be used to deal damage to enemy)

Here, Kitty Kitty - each team member must be hit by every enemy before that enemy get KO'ed (this will be hard challange because it will require a lot of positioning and it will also make your weakest ally need to be hurt at least as many times as there are enemies on the field).
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