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Brynheldr Logging Out!

By Brynnhildr November 07, 2013, 20:02:08

Hello everyone =)

Due to some irl decissions I wont be playing wakfu (subbed or non-subbed) anymore, I will however log on every now and then to have a chat with some of the great friends I've gotten to know over the past year of playing =)

I would like to issue my personal thanks to the following players (sorry if I forget any1, I cant type everyones name I played with sadly =( because im silly and dont remember everyone!)
- JerryDB for taking me under his wing when I started playing (the biggest noob amongst noobs AKA NOOBMASTER)
- The Turntech Assknights for being my first awesome guild with alot of "inside backside down" jokes ^^
- Synergy and it's leader Karah for giving me a great time and some awesome "mini-wars" you guys are great and I hope you will be around for a long time =)
- Awiti, for being an awesome Governer for our beloved Brakmar for so long (HAIJUL BRAKMUH)
- Kootchie, for being Kootchie....for those who dont know being Kootchie means CracklerPunching the living Daylight out of the game =)
- Citronia, for being my sexy sadi bondage doll play buddy (you know what I mean bub)
- Zoeduhu, for being the most cranky, happy, annoyed, extatic, friendly, hoebag I've played with =)
- Arachi, because CHICHICHICHI =) *need I say more*
- Sacred light and its leaders Nem, Jumpz since you guys rock and made the game alot more fun in times where buggz were taking control over all of "ze fun" you guys, your guild and your HW ROCK THA BRAKMUH
- Styliaq for kicking my ass in pvp way too many times.
- Riko for being such an overpowerd earth IOP
- Oda for being the biggest douche =)
- Rayne for being Amakna's best Guv ever! and a lovely person!
- Blant for being such an awesome sac (and providing some fun chats!)
And All the random, fun, crazy, friendly people i've played together with over the past year.

I will log on the Wakfu Alliance mumble every now and then to say hello =) and on odd days (not very often) I'll log into Astrub to say hello to some of you =) But for my "playing hours" its goodbye, I wish you all the best of luck on loots, NO MORE BUGZ! (not going to happen but hey! worth a shot) and alot of fun times together =)

My gear is to be distributed to Arachi, Shinohara, Zoeduhu =) my budz! may you benefit from it on your mains, alts and your KAMA pouches =) Arachi has my login so she might log online to take my gear=) so If I dont awnser chat it might be someone stealzing my gearz hihi =)

Signing out on both my accounts =),

Brynheldr - Remington
Aescforth - Remington
Aethelwulf - Remington
Gullveig - Remington

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I am sorry to see you go however when you do get some more pennies give me a shout when you are in the UK. If you even more pennies come to the event in France.

Now what will I do if I have a spider on my back?.

I wish you all the best with everything.


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Why does every new (And old) friend that I have quit the game ._. *Alone* T___T
Really wish you best of luck mate! Also wish to see you back one day wink

- Stylia

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Woah, bye to me! Thanks for remembering me, Bryn :3 I hope we still see each other sometimes. Good bye, and good luck with whatever you're gonna do smile

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NOOOOHOOOOOOHOOOO QQ, another dutch country mate gone, keep in touch buddy smile 

(you had magmog set right) XDDD

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