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Crafting xp for recipes

By stryve October 12, 2013, 15:53:19
Just wondering if these numbers look correct to anyone. Keep in mind they scale based on your crafting level in comparison to the actual craft

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I can tell you Chef recipes are way off.
Sadly I didn't note exp I got during levelling, but I remember that Kokosoda and Api Black Pudding are both worth at least 150 each.
Score : 5254
and you are sure they are worth that when you are at the same crafting level as the recipe? just curious, the values actually show up as what i listed x2 but from what i'd seen that was the max possible and it scaled down based on your crafting level's relationship to the recipe level.
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Just got 168 exp for crafting Api Black Pudding 11 levels above with 15% exp boost.
Counting in 10% exp penalty for lower level recipe that looks like 150 exp base.
They were worth 180 at full exp with 20% bonus if I remember correctly.
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Not today but a week or 2 back I got 3500 exp for a kit display window but the link says 875
the same for the Well (3500 in game, 875 in link) and the classic door was 2920 and the list says 730

craft_____________craft exp__ exp on list____divided from eachother
kit display window____3500_______875________________4
bow meow statue____3350_______837________________4,002389486260454
classic door_________2920_______730________________4
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I can back up Kuroyankos values.

I noted many recipe's XP for my self. Did some random checks. Your list's XP value multiplied with 4 should give you the actual XP you're getting for a recipe of your level range.

Is this a list you're getting from your game? Meaning crafting XP could be included in wakfu-elements in eventually?

Edit 2:
For the baker it seems to be only x2 XP instead of x4. Didn't take numbers dor them but I tought it was 100 XP per bread and 500 for 5.
Mainly took numbers for gear.
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