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So . . .

By Ryuujikyon August 04, 2013, 08:14:36
WTH do I do with all of this? :/
Not to mention the other useless junk I still have . . .
Rune powders are out of the question.
At least make em stack up to 999 / they're taking up way too much space.
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Are they not grindable?
Of course they are and any sane person makes runes from them.
Make runes then! I'm sure you can find something else to do while you grind them, like take a shower or go for a walk.
The progress bar after 5 minutes of shattering . . .

I will die ._.
792 item (99*8)
one item 5 sec
66min for this.

I did crush more then 5000items before,still alive.
If you can't step away from the computer for about an hour to grind stuff into rune powder, you probably need a shower anyway. tongue 
Just delete them. It's trash.
Set up an auto clicker to type "I am still crushing"
Don't worry it will dissconnect you after an hour of crushing items.

p.s. Rune powders - the best way to waste your subscribtion time.
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