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Reduce the Number of Sections on Forums, please.

By Nanaers#3531 - MEMBER - August 02, 2013, 08:48:05

Please get rid of unused sections on forums in order to make it easier to navigate and less chaotic.


  • The forum community in Wakfu is too small to maintain such a large forum. By reducing the number of threads it would make the forums alot easier to navigate through, especially for new players.
  • When threads get moved, alot of the time it gets moved to a alot less active part of the forum where it is never seen...

The stars/titles were a great initiative which made alot of people start using the forums, please reduce sub sections to that its easier to navigate through smile 
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Might want to suggest which subfourms to get rid of/merge.

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i only commit so i have a cool title and stars....

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I think they are fine as is. Most if not all of the sections get used fairly decently with the obvious exception of the wakfu anime section and krosmaster having its own forum entirely.

Off topic and the roleplay forums are used by a select group of people that you sometimes wont even see post in the general discussion areas the entire purpose of the separate sections is for people to go where they want to go to talk about a specific thing. A forum is not just the general discussion area and I sometimes think a lot of people in this game don't realize that.

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If everyone uses the "All topics" option the number of sections within the forum is never a problem.
Personally I think there should be more section like one for Recruitment.

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in before this gets moved to a section no one can find.

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