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Just a quick question (professions)

By fuzyfuz123 March 26, 2013, 13:15:26

I was wondering how many levels above a craft can that one craft get your profetion...

For instance if i was a lvl 50 baker and i was making rye bread... what level baker could I get to by just making rye bread?

-Timesicle / Caeli

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You get 100% XP for the 10 lvla above recipe level. (if u using recipe lvl 20, u will get 200XP till u hit lvl 31)
Then, there is XP penalty - basically it is possible to craft one recipe until u have 15 lvl more that this recipe lvl is.
After 20 lvls u will get no XP at all

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You still get XP for it about 20 levels after the level for the item. But more than ten levels higher and you get an XP penalty for every level. At about 15 levels higher the XP gets so low it's not even really worth it.

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You only get XP for 19 level later.
For your example, the last level you get XP from is 69.

However the XP penalty will be severe. At 19 level difference your XP return is only about 2% of the original amount, so you cannot really count on that as a good method to level up.

Normally, if the recipe is easy, I can keep on doing it until I reach 18 level difference. At 18 the return drops to about 10%.

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