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Help me decide on my last character....

By Froq - MEMBER - March 22, 2013, 23:23:20

I want a water character....

I'm thinking of the following water type chars...

Water Sram
Water Sadida
Water Ecaflip
Water/ Earth Feca

Help me decide which to lvl up and make as my 5th smile 

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Why? Because we're awesome.

But really, the resists. You can't say no to the resists.

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Option D, wait until the class revamp notes and then decide biggrin

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Water/Earth Feca is actually really cool. I like mine even though he's still a lowbie.

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Feca Feca. Feca Feca Feca.


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It would be interesting to know if you're more looking into PvP or PvE.
That being said, water Sram for example is great duelist in 1v1 PvP combat.
With a 10ap build you can usually use one Petty Theft and two Bloody Ripoff. The key tho is that you want to attack your opponent from behind, crit is also a good idea.
If you land an attack from behind, Petty Theft steals 1AP from your enemy (without building Hyperaction) and 2AP if you crit.
Bloody Ripoff steals 50% of the damage you've inflicted with it (75% on a crit) if used as a backstab. That can easily throw off enemies with tight AP builds while providing you with a significant sustainability.
Srams are also very mobile and not easily kited thanks to Scram, and Sram Reflex wich gives you a 20% chance to retreat one cell backwards and recieve +1MP if a skill is cast by an enemy in close combat is very strong in PvP, especially on people who queue up their entire spellrotation at once.

Water Ecaflips don't really provide high damage, but good sustainability. Unless you enjoy a challange, NG+ so to say, i'd stay away from Eca for now. Tho i don't know if a rework document is already up on the french forums.

While on the topic of reworks, you might want to check out this thread for Sadida and this thread for Feca if you haven't already, to see if their playstyles will be to your liking after the rework.
Reading those threads should provide you with a general idea how they'll turn out, though Chronotorious advice is rather good since we'll probably get better information on those revamps in april.

On a side note, this thread belongs into Character Classes > General

love, your s1uggish

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