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Ultimate character build for the future? (All classes)

By Kitske January 09, 2012, 07:13:31
Hello and thank you for viewing this thread. I would like to get some feedback on this build that may be a bit far fetched, if even possible. Before I get to that point, I would first like to say I am absolutely LOVING Wakfu. I loved dofus, as it was an mmorpg unlike any other, for obvious reasons. A lot of the things that I hear people complaining about I tend to enjoy. I like the fact that the classes were changed from dofus. They seem harder to build, but have become much more diverse and unique apart from every other class. The artwork and animations are amazing, and I am really enjoying the different mechanics, for example, the new zone scrolling so that you don't have to click on a point to get to the next area, and the options menu allowing for me to make the controls and keys unique and comfortable to myself. Anyways, time to get on topic...

Lately I have been reading a lot of discussion among the threads regarding tips or ideas on how you can build each class. Though some character builds are your basic bread and butter, there is still a lot of debate and disagreement on how to make your class the most effective. During all of my research on the forum, I came up with this idea. Apart from Dofus, spells on Wakfu are leveled up the more you use them, with each spell, apart from class specialties, capping t level 100. It is common knowledge that Int. raises fire damage, and Str. raises Earth damage, and so on and so forth. However, let's say that you were to level every spell you can master to level 100. Would a critical build not be the most successful in the long run? Rather than using your characteristics on attributes, could you go for the critical build, mastering all spells, and still be a viable character in the future? If so, this leaves you with a multitude of strategies, having every spell at your disposal, with the ability to change your game given any situation. Some classes would benefit from this build more than others, like the Xelor or the Osamodas.

I would like to get everyone's input on this. Please tell me why or why not this would be successful.
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I think the main thing that makes maxing all elements not viable is how long it takes to train spells. Yeah it would be nice because it would make you super versatile but it would take so long to do.

But because of this I think ideally* we get even more diversity among classes because you're forced to specialize which I think is nice in group play

*one thing that will probably cut down on the diversity in builds is some elements are either weak or just not useful in comparison to others

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Yes, I understand that it would take a long time to build. Let's say, however, I have a level 100 fire xelor and have mastered all my fire spells to 100. To keep my character occupied, I think it would be viable to train your other spells on lower level mobs, specific for spell training. If or when the time does come when I max all of my spells, would it not be wise to aim for a stat reset, and transitioning to crit build with crit equipment?
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