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Help leveling

By RyuuseiBoy February 12, 2013, 10:09:22
Hello guys ,

Actually i have a Feca at level 20 and as i am testing some combinations of skills (Water/Earth) ,
i do not have a high damage output , and as i can only find players in high level dungeon or areas ,
where can i level it until i reach the level accepted by players to join a group where they stay ?
( Boowolf , Lunar , Whisperings.. etc )

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hmm you are lvl 20+ right? so... lvl 20+ mobs maybe? idk o.o
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Tryed this, i am from bonta, and tofurby , glais and moskitoes (Level 20 mobs)
are a pain to kill as i have to wait a life to recover the HP lost from battle.

Besides, they give a crappy exp when i kill it.

There are no place where i can encounter low level people ?
or maybe anyone who can help me ?

Sorry for the bad english.
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Do some easy challenges in perhaps areas lower level than yourself (not all requires fighting) and do some profession training inbetween.
This is of course while you actively look for party members.

I'd recommend joining a guild with active members too.
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Are you in a guild? Will nobody from said guild help you out?

I aways figured the whole point in guilds and Wakfu was to play with people if your guild members won't help you then leave your guild and find a guild that will.

Feel free to PM me in game I'll help you level a bit, it'd just be Wild Gobs but it'll be damn quicker than leveling solo.
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Personally levelled on piwis in the nation's villages until 25~28 and then moved to gob/tofus on the field until I could solo the gob/tofu dungeon. From there on was continuous dungeon grinding. Only really partnered up for exp groups starting from lv 60 or so :Va

usually takes me about two to three days to reach lv 60 this way, so I guess that's one option if you can't find any teams.
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