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Kill 1 Scythescraper

By Tragrim - MEMBER - February 12, 2013, 02:58:26
One word.. why?

This is like the Taurs, only much much worse.

Spent an hour running around looking for a single one of these, alas, there IS none.

Before someone posts "omg liek u totez hav 2 work now 4 ur daily lolnoob" please, don't bother, there's a difference between WORKING towards something and WAITING for a bloody respawn.

That is all.

Edit: if someone knows a super secret spawn place, feel free to share.
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in amakna,fertile praire,its in the middle of the flower shaped lake,its always spawn in random place cus ive seen one in trade bridge
Score : 386
yes and you have to wait at night cus they spawning at night
Score : 2031
Towns, and some areas in each nation, like the one above crusty in amakna or mourning wood in brak, I usually find them on roads. And yup, you probably would need to wait for the night.
Score : 3049
I was on when it was considered night time for Wakfu.. and couldn't find one despite hours of searching... Fun stuff.
Score : 51
Zadistforlife|2013-02-12 12:56:55
I was on when it was considered night time for Wakfu.. and couldn't find one despite hours of searching... Fun stuff.
I looked in several towns during night time where I usually see them, but still couldn't find one.
This was last night when it wasn't that many online, so doubt it was due to others killing them first unless the respawn timer is very slow.
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The funny thing is they only spawn after midnight game time, so the quest was only doable by people who were on last night. Glad I was one of them, I guess.
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Really what a big fail -__-
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They spawn after midnight and one spawns per nation every 15 minuets on a random trade bridge in the nation. They spawn 15 minuets after the last one was killed.
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the almanax end in 3h 9m its night but not midnight yet do u guys think we can do it in time? i hate ankama for this.angry
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What were they thinking?
..Making a daily quest finish-able at night only.. and finding one of those scythescraper is actually hard, I've been running all of brakmar for some time and found nothing.
This one sure doesn't make much sense, I want a compensation.
Score : 174
same i have walking around almost 3 nation no found even single scyte and they even not spawn after midnight angry i heard some got it in the bridge side but iam not lucky they have already kill itsad 
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