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Merry Kwismas!

By #[Troyle] December 24, 2012, 13:29:01
Hi there,

It’s that day again. 2012 is reaching its end and slowly leading us to an exciting year 2013!
I’m really looking forward to next year, as I know it will be a very exciting one for WAKFU!

But before that, let’s not forget the celebration!

In the name of Ankama, I want to wish you all a wonderfull Kwismas 2012!

Have fun in the game, but also find time to properly celebrate with your family and friends!

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Thanks Troyle!
Merry Christmas happy

~ Kanade
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Merry kwismas everybody,

~Greetz, Sting-Shotter
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Merry Xmass guys~~

~ A random player
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Thanks troyle! Merry Christmas everyone! Special shoutout to Kyu and everyone at Entropy xD
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Merry Christmas to every one smile

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Merry Christmas everyone and don't forget my Kwismas Gift event (Season's Treasure) tomorrow at 2:30pm GMT smile

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hehe, merry christmas everyone ^////^
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Merry Christmas everyone^^
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Merry Christmas to all~

Love from: Valentine~
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Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeerry Christmas everyone !
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Merry Christmas!
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Merry Christmas to all!
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Merry Kwissmas everyone.
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Merry Xmas.
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