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Christmas Contest Judging ends 23nd December Dec 2012

By JerryDB - MEMBER - December 17, 2012, 00:10:09
Thank you to the ones that entered this contest. No more entries, time to vote on your favourites ^^.

Voting/juding from now until Sunday 23nd December 2012 23:59.
I will pay the winners after this date when I see them, I am sure they will hunt me down.

  • One vote per person
Winners (P2P people only)
  1. 1st =1,000 kamas
  2. 2nd=500k
  3. 3nd =250k

Entries in no real order





Not to be jugded entries
Little snow flakes

Big Snowflake

Funny looking Xmas tree

Jaded is a magician

Merry Christmas.

Have fun voting.

Reactions 23
Score : 2326
Wow, Jaded. I know you gave me a sneak preview on that moving picture, but I still think it looks amazing! biggrin I love what you did with it, it's awesome.

I think it is really cool to see what other people came up with!

May the most creative person win! smile 
Score : 4173
Jadie always do the cool stuff! D: Damn me! Be more creative!! *knocks heads*
Score : 77
Official Vote for Karah's Bells (totally not a Euphemism)
Score : 12
+1 for my buddy lizzie aka lizarus

~Krizz the rusty rooster
Score : 324
A Vote for Sting-Shooter from me~
Score : 61
It's gotta be Lizarus for me! I didn't see it and first, but then I was like "Ooooh yeah!" Really good!
Score : 2326
I love presents, so my vote is for Clog!
Score : 1812
I vote for Clog. Always a time for gifts smile 
Score : 2157
My vote goes for Jaded!
Score : 9104
My vote goes for Karah biggrin 
Score : 4969
Vote karah pretty cool bells smile + jadded awesome giff biggrin 
Score : 3992
Vote for
Score : 2
Everyone loves gifts at this time of year - so my votes for Clog.

Lets not forget whats important 'gift subs for wakfu' from unsuspecting relatives!!

Score : 2
I vote for Karah
Score : 3
I vote for Lizarus - Namstorm
Score : 11359
More votes for Sting-Shotter more votes pleas,

~Greetz, Sting-Shotter

PS: i vote for myself biggrin 
Score : 23940
These bells are really nice. My vote for Karah.
Score : 2
I vote for Jaded, my favorite one!
Score : 4173
My vote goes for Jaded ! ~~ Merry Xmas everyone !! =D
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