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Name your Community!

By #[Troyle] November 30, 2012, 18:30:01
The International Community is like a big family; a family where the parents and their children live together in London with the Brazilian aunt, the Russian uncle and the Dutch grandma. Sometimes you even have the Australian cousin joining with his new kiwi girlfriend…
But haven’t you ever thought that calling it the “International Community” makes it hard to personalize?

Today, Izmar and Troyle unite their might and magnificence and give you a chance to find a name to the whole International Community!

Now you’re probably like: “Whaaaat?”

Look at the Spanish speaking community for example, years ago they decided that they no longer wanted to be called the “Spanish speaking community”, and decided to name themselves “Hispaña”. They even got a shield designed and implemented in the game!
Today we give you the opportunity to do just that, for the International Community!

If you could find a name that would remind everyone of the International Community as a whole, on both DOFUS and WAKFU, what would it be?
How is this going to work?
Well first we thought you might need a little help. So Izmar and I (actually Izmar more than I) thought of a couple of names that could fit.

What we’re going to do is offer you to vote for the one you like!

In this vote, you will be able to either vote for one of these names, or vote for a last option offering you to send your own name.

If one of the names we offered wins, then it will become the name of our Community.

However if the option for customized names wins, then we’ll select the best propositions, and call in a second vote with these propositions!

You can send your customized names to [email protected]. Please use the following as title of the email: “Forum name” – Name your community (e.g. ILoveTroyle – Name your community). If you want, you can also include your character name and server so we'll know who to credit if your name happens to be chosen. And please don't forget to email them, names posted on the forum won't be counted!
Don’t waste a minute; you only have until Monday, December 3rd, 12pm GMT (noon) to vote in the first poll!
What will it be? Will you let Izmar get all the credits for naming the Community, or will you be the one finding the name that will unite all?!
First Ankama intervention
Score : 30658
To those of you wondering why we’re doing this now, I can tell you that this is relating to Krosmaster Arena.

There will be a time where we will organize tournaments between communities, and at this moment we will need a name to call the International players!
See message in context
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Can we send more then one suggestion?
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I'm terrible at coming up with names, but I hope we get to see community players suggestions!
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I'd say Global biggrin
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Well, the international community is just all of us who are unspecial enough to get our own community, so how about Outcasts? Misfits. We're the Black Sheep of the Wakfu family, or the Black Gobballs. Hoodlums.

Guess I might email some of these, the names in the poll are too weird for me smile

Edit: I emailed them now, on Tuesday morning. Guess it's too late though.
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kinda confused with these two name suggestions..
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I agree with you -obs-

I'd say Wak-Global
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Ive just sent a few suggestions biggrin 
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dude, its so obvious it hurts...

PANGEA (or pangaea)!!

or a derivative of it...

(for those who dont know, pangea was a supercontinent that existed about 300 million years ago before our continents drifted apart and formed what are now our continents)

i also like panthalassa (that was the single ocean that covered earth those days), anyways definitely something around this name/concept.

anyway checkin out the series for their name-based cancept, together with the pangea thing would probably result in a pretty cool name, AND with a concept!

i love concepts (designer here)

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What's wrong with Remington? e.e
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Frost-Byte|2012-12-01 10:52:22
What's wrong with Remington? e.e
They're trying to group international players from both DOFUS and WAKFU. 'Remington' would only work if it was just the international community of WAKFU, but that's not what they're looking to put a title to~
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Pangea sounds good
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For an international community, hum... Babilonia or Babel !
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Wow sounds nice smile but as Pyralless i'm terrible with names xD

Btw Troyle thanks for sharing this idea with us at 2 am wink
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Just send my suggestion:
Omnis, a latin word for all , every.
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How about . . . Herpa Derpa?
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Carebears Global
Score : -1
i'm happy that your 2name are loosing in the pool,really bad name tongue
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Exlile - Exiled - Exiles
Since we have no Servers of our own, I think that might be a fitting name
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Lyciunia ?biggrin
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