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Today is Troyle's birthday!

By Kuroyanko November 26, 2012, 18:08:37
I wanted to create this thread earlier today but I sadly did not have the time.

Anyone can now use this thread to congratulate him!

Happy birthday Troyle!
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Happy Birthday, Troyle!
Me and everyone I know is so happy to have you around! - So please, enjoy the day, and all the best for the new year of your life, and stay healthy, so that you can be around for much longer smile 
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Happy Birthday Troyle
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Troyle gave me permission to add this picture of him to this thread!

The short version of the story is like this: My girlfriend and me went to Ankama to give Troyle cake, we got a personal tour in return, afterwards we ate the cake (not all of it though).
And this picture is of Troyle just before he attacked the cake with a plastic knife!
And since he himself was just taking pictures of the cake, he is still holding his phone!

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Pictures of Troyle? I'm in!

The handing over of the GG button:

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Happy birthday Troyle! We love you! c:
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Happy Bday mate :3
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Happy birthday! (◕‿◕✿)
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Happy birthday Troyle biggrin 
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Happy birthday Cookie Monster ;D

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Happy Birthday troyle ^^
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Happy Birthday Troyle!!!
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Happy B-Day Troyle!

Here a special link: Click here
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Happy B-day Troyle!!!
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Happy BirthDay Troyle!! ph34r 
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(i have trow pie emote ingame so if i meet you ingame i will give you a pie tongue )


~Greetz of your biggest fan, Sting-Shotter
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Happy birthday mate!
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Happy birthday from Portugal!

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Happy Birthday, and wishing you many more to come.
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Happy Birthday!
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