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Today is Troyle's birthday!

By Kuroyanko November 26, 2012, 18:08:37
I wanted to create this thread earlier today but I sadly did not have the time.

Anyone can now use this thread to congratulate him!

Happy birthday Troyle!
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Happy Birthday, Troyle!
Me and everyone I know is so happy to have you around! - So please, enjoy the day, and all the best for the new year of your life, and stay healthy, so that you can be around for much longer smile 
Happy Birthday Troyle
Troyle gave me permission to add this picture of him to this thread!

The short version of the story is like this: My girlfriend and me went to Ankama to give Troyle cake, we got a personal tour in return, afterwards we ate the cake (not all of it though).
And this picture is of Troyle just before he attacked the cake with a plastic knife!
And since he himself was just taking pictures of the cake, he is still holding his phone!

Pictures of Troyle? I'm in!

The handing over of the GG button:

Happy birthday Troyle! We love you! c:
Happy Bday mate :3
Happy birthday! (◕‿◕✿)
Happy birthday Troyle biggrin 
Happy birthday Cookie Monster ;D

Happy Birthday troyle ^^
Happy Birthday Troyle!!!
Happy B-Day Troyle!

Here a special link: Click here
Happy B-day Troyle!!!
Happy BirthDay Troyle!! ph34r 
(i have trow pie emote ingame so if i meet you ingame i will give you a pie tongue )


~Greetz of your biggest fan, Sting-Shotter
Happy birthday mate!
Happy birthday from Portugal!

Happy Birthday, and wishing you many more to come.
Happy Birthday!
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