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Islands of Wakfu

By Tomo-Ryuutei October 23, 2012, 07:21:30
I was wondering, is it still possible to receive the gift items from completing the Islands of Wakfu Achievements on XBLA, if one didn't do so in the Beta?
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Yes, I unlocked one 2 days ago.
So i've linked my account, but no gift items have appeared on my wakfu account, are the gifts still available in wakfu or is it just Dofus ?
The gifts should be available for both Dofus and Wakfu. Each game has a separate linking page.

I had to go to the linking page after unlocking each achievement, otherwise the items wouldn't be sent to my account.

Try to logout and login at the Wakfu linking page.
Ah, so there is a Wakfu linking page *searches* Ah found it! Thankyou for your Help.
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