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Wakfu Experience

By NamiTamakiFan August 30, 2012, 09:43:10
Hello people, I was listening to some music I didn't listened for a long time and it reminded me of Wakfu, so I want to share how awesome my experience was about 1 year ago, when the game was in beta and it was "f2p".

When I started the game for the first time, it surprised me. The environment, the music, the animation, everything .... so good! I started with a Cra and stopped at lv 42. Between this, I had some amazing battles with random people, discovered a sadida doll exploit with someone and felt bad xD, mined a lot and got 100 gold(was it gold? I can't remember :/) and I was so happy that I had money, but so sad when I had to buy stuff tongue, I went on adventures after secret dungeons and achievements, some failed, some not, got into a guild and we would sit at some place and talk for hours, leveled my farmer profession and I was so proud xD, anyway, I had some great moments, and then ... Wakfu was released. I tought I was going to pay for the game, I really did, but I couldn't since I live in Brazil, so I stopped. I played a little after release but it was never the same... I didn't had my Cra and it lost some of its magic...

Well, I just wanted to share this, and say that Wakfu has a high nostalgic value for me, I had some great moments, I think it has one of the best soundtracks ever on a MMO, it was an epic adventure!
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....what? *dude who plays with sound off*
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