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Wakfu On iPhone ? :o

By IamReal July 07, 2012, 08:08:39
I think it would be amazing having wakfu on iPhones :3
thats all
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Maybe a 3d version on 3ds XD
If only
There are a few dofus and wakfu spin-off games already on the Iphone market. (not sure if they're on android tongue)
There is ?? :3
please tell me what they are called

Will be great to get Wakfu on ipad, psp or ps vita too! wub

Since it's flash based game the phone should be able to handle it well, just that we might need 1gb space to download the game. blink 
Wakfu is java based not flash based.
you would need to rewite wakfu to run on ARM cpus for it to work on iOS or Android.
syphnick|2012-07-08 13:37:59Dofus Battles

Dofus Battles 2

Oh, wow. These look really nice. I just wish Ankama released them for Android as well. *hint hint Ankama!*
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