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Questing / NPC's

By Siyukan April 15, 2012, 04:35:22
I don't get the questing system, how do i know where i have to go and who i have to speak to? I see the quests in the quest book but is there anyway to know where the NPCs i need to speak to are? it doesn't show them on map or give me co-ordinates. Please help.
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Welcome to Wakfu.
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Theres not really a quest system, but theres similar system called achviments you dont have to do them at all if you dont want to, but you get all sorts of neat things by doing them so its not bad idea to do them (i recomend at least doing the 4 haven gem ones so u get gems)

In order to do theese achviments you dont have to talk to anyone just open the interface by pressing l and pick what you want to do. Mobs can also drop smaller quest like things witch reward you with exp scrolls

if you enjoy traditional questing in other mmo's then you might want to chek zinit out its in astrub speak to the 4 cats near to the boat (after speaking to ullu the weird tv box thingy) and off you go.

Personally my mission in this game is to build my own super market for jewler products so my time is spent runing around the world of 12 collecting stuff and hoping for trade gem drops.
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That's a great idea you've got there MikaeYami smile 
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