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Brace yourself. Impatient people for Monks.

By BloodStainedRose April 10, 2012, 23:17:21
The rage about Monk being late is coming.


This may or may not work;

Change your computers time zone to UTC+1 or GMT+1 so it's the same timezone as France, Do this while the client is off.

This should allow access, Three people have tested this theory and it's worked for them, hopefully it will for you too.
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I can click the 20k button to travel but nothin happens!!!!!!!!
Nobody cares anymore. Stop spamming forum with bullcrap like that.
Velore|2012-04-10 23:31:21Nobody cares anymore. Stop spamming forum with bullcrap like that.
Obviously people do, personally I don't. But people will, so predicting it is no crime my friend.
BloodStainedRose|2012-04-10 23:17:21The rage about Monk being late is coming.

Taken from the French forums:

April 10, 23:59 (local time)
When unlock monk island!?! is 24:00!!!
I just did a quick survey of the area and it seems people in UK and Brazil and affected.
Portugal too. None of the players from these 3 countries seem to be able to access it - and we're all behind the french timezone. Coincidence or bad programming? You decide wink
relax, relax. air cra probably do this content in few hours. so, dont rush guys smile 
Updated with a possible fix.
U can go there now peopletongue 
Air cra still not nerfed.
Maybe next patch, at may then u_u
LoL, it was just open the Island not a patch or even the hotfix so stop talking about it everywhere... I want nerf cra too, but really.... Talking about it all the time can't change anything...
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